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Third Star
Cobra Kai

Well played.

While the Demons were putting a scare into Fresh Kills, Cobra Kai and the defending 2018 champs (drunk Phareoux has already decreed) Rehabs went to BTSH war. Thankfully Scotty and Cheeky let them play and didn’t call ticky-tacky penalties or the totally obvious ones either. Liam scored a highlight reel goal to give CK the lead but the Rehabs came right back to tie it. Cherie made pass after brilliant pass while Hustle Loyalty Nebatz crashed anyone with the ball. Eventually Cobra Kai scored the game winning goal kind of late in the 2nd half and held on for victory. Later in October Isaac will call Cobra Kai a Cinderella team but that’s hogwash. They have enough talent to win the PBR Cup and undoubtedly will. Those aren’t my words those are Campbell’s after accepting his 2017 ROY Award at center court after their victory.

Zac Cryingstyle after Campbell accepts his 2017 ROY Award.

Second Star
Ben C of Instant Karma


Anyone notice how awesome the league site is now?  Unfortunately most of the content from  is now 404’d. But Ben has created team pages (like Fuzz), player stats, and probably other stuff too.  It was a giant undertaking (I assume…I mean, how the hell would I know?  I sat on my ass and watched wrestling while Ben did the work). You were getting first star but Amy and her stupid two goals ruined your moment.

First Star
Amy of Mathematics

Georgine who?

The list of former Math women playing on other BTSH teams is long.  There’s Laura M., Michelle, Amber, Roxy, Georgine and of course the most talented of them all Sarah T. All have played with Elly and his Mathletes at one point. Most if not all have left because of Sam N but throughout the entire turnover, one has remained.  Amy.  But while we respect Amy’s loyalty, that’s hardly star-worthy.  But what is star-worthy is scoring two goals…like Amy did yesterday vs. WTP.  This is the first time someone named Amy scored multiple goals in a game in BTSH history.

Well done, Amy.  You deserve it.

Honorable Mentions:

Stars are for winners, so no losers get them. But I can recognize a good job even in defeat.

Mike T. the goalie from Mega stopped around 12 of Mike T.’s of Fuzz’s shots. If Mike T. doesn’t win the scoring title this year, he could look back at this game. So you probably should buy him a beer or two Probie. Speaking of Mega, their whole team played really hard. They were a little outgunned at the end but Alok scored a clutch goal tying the game late, and Mary Mary Mega already proved to be one of the best forcheckers in the league in only her second game. Their other new girl from the Riveters did not disappoint, as she quarterbacked Mega’s D. Speaking of assholes on Mega, Alex had a really good game on D as well.

Demons get an HM. They were up on FK at the half and outside of one very, very, very bad minute, seemed to outplay FK.

Sky Fighters you don’t always have to play 8 or 9 goal games.  Remember when all of your games used to end 2-1? But still, nice comeback from last week’s debacle.

Morgan of Gut Rot gets an HM for the great line, “I think we were too sober.”

Dustin of the Hookers is back! There was nothing honorable about the Hookers 6-1 victory over the Rainbows so you just get mentioned, not honorably though.  (again…we are not counting your garbage time goals Hookers!)

Poutine gets an HM as they beat their rivals the Butchers. Yes Jo-Ann I thought you’d lose this particular game but no one is at all shocked you won. You guys are good. Real good. The best. First person to tell me what that line is from gets 25 cents if they are under 34 years old.

Your honorable mention would be nice, but I’d rather take the two points by using Tim.

Karma…great win beating the LBS.  You would have shared 3rd star if Filthier didn’t share their goalie with you. Much like Dustin, you get mentioned, but nothing honorably….especially when Eitan was so close to TSP.

Ryann from Fuzz got a BTSH hat trick. She refed, scored a goal, and closed, carrying both heavy storage crates until Rachel K. came out of nowhere to help.

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