This Saturday, February 15th, the Canadian Society of NY (CANY) is hosting their annual charity hockey tournament to raise money for Ice Hockey in Harlem (IHIH) and the NY Sled Rangers. Both of these charities work to bring hockey – and in the case of IHIH after school programs, pre college programs – economically and physically disabled youth of NYC.

In addition to the games, there is a social event held that evening. Details are below! I know many of you will likely be out of town, but if you happen to be around and in the mood to support two excellent charities, please feel free to stop by!

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As we close out the 2010s the media got together to share some of our Bests and Favorites from the decade.  We hope you enjoy!


By Rich

Best BTSH Player Male: Gabe

Best BTSH Player Female: Cherie

Best BTSH Goalie: Tough one but Tim K.

Best BTSH Team: Fresh Kills

Most Powerful BTSH Person (lifting not included) RG1

Biggest BTSH Upset: Sorry Walker, it’s not Gut Rot over Fuzz/Elves, or even Gut Rot over WTP 2010. Anklebiters over FK 2015, Quarter finals. 

Best BTSH Game: Hookers over FK 3 OT, semis

Best BTSH Championship: Elves over Hookers 2010

Most Dominant BTSH Team one season: 2015 Filthier (Fuzz thanks Suvin/Denis for moving and Shaq for quitting)

Best BTSH Moment: Boylan dethroning Amy D. in arm wrestling and then making out with me

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May you and your teammates enjoy all the hockey this season has to offer.

Have a wonderful holiday and a new year filled with Fuzz losing.

By Stoop Dogg and Tuxedo Reptar

Stoop: Goooood evening, it’s your friendly neighborhood DJ Stoop Dogg of Luv comin’ at you live on 11.1 TSP. We have a special guest joining us tonight, party expert Tuxedo Reptar, here to discuss what many are calling the “Wedding of all the Centuries.” Yes, every century – past, present, and future.

Reptar: Hey Stoop Dogg, thanks so much for having me. I’ve been putting down the Reptar Bars in anticipation of this shindig so I can fit into the tux from my own wedding. But enough about me, tell me more about this Wedding of all Centuries.

Stoop: This is expected to be quite the, as the groom might say SWARAY. Reptar, what are some of the things you think we can expect?

Reptar: Well Stoop Dogg, my insider sources tell me that there will, in fact, be one bride and one groom. And the bride has decided to make a bold statement and go with an eggshell-colored dress instead of paper white. I’ve got goosebumps with anticipation. Stoop, do you know of any other inside scoops?

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