As we close out the 2010s the media got together to share some of our Bests and Favorites from the decade.  We hope you enjoy!


By Rich

Best BTSH Player Male: Gabe

Best BTSH Player Female: Cherie

Best BTSH Goalie: Tough one but Tim K.

Best BTSH Team: Fresh Kills

Most Powerful BTSH Person (lifting not included) RG1

Biggest BTSH Upset: Sorry Walker, it’s not Gut Rot over Fuzz/Elves, or even Gut Rot over WTP 2010. Anklebiters over FK 2015, Quarter finals. 

Best BTSH Game: Hookers over FK 3 OT, semis

Best BTSH Championship: Elves over Hookers 2010

Most Dominant BTSH Team one season: 2015 Filthier (Fuzz thanks Suvin/Denis for moving and Shaq for quitting)

Best BTSH Moment: Boylan dethroning Amy D. in arm wrestling and then making out with me

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May you and your teammates enjoy all the hockey this season has to offer.

Have a wonderful holiday and a new year filled with Fuzz losing.

By Stoop Dogg and Tuxedo Reptar

Stoop: Goooood evening, it’s your friendly neighborhood DJ Stoop Dogg of Luv comin’ at you live on 11.1 TSP. We have a special guest joining us tonight, party expert Tuxedo Reptar, here to discuss what many are calling the “Wedding of all the Centuries.” Yes, every century – past, present, and future.

Reptar: Hey Stoop Dogg, thanks so much for having me. I’ve been putting down the Reptar Bars in anticipation of this shindig so I can fit into the tux from my own wedding. But enough about me, tell me more about this Wedding of all Centuries.

Stoop: This is expected to be quite the, as the groom might say SWARAY. Reptar, what are some of the things you think we can expect?

Reptar: Well Stoop Dogg, my insider sources tell me that there will, in fact, be one bride and one groom. And the bride has decided to make a bold statement and go with an eggshell-colored dress instead of paper white. I’ve got goosebumps with anticipation. Stoop, do you know of any other inside scoops?

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By Cat and Jess

Just when you thought you’d gotten rid of us- the media’s best duo (no offense Walker and Rich)- we’re back at it again with scintillating superlatives of 2019. (here’s 2018 if you care).

The Adam Ruebens most likely to cancel their game due to rain award: NOT Fuzz. Just ask the Rehabs. Too soon?

HM: Mega Touch

The John Walker most likely to over explain something that was already clearly explained award. Ha: In a bizarre twist of fate I think we’re gonna have to give this one to Rich this year

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Women’s Ball Hockey NYC has officially launched!

Women’s Ball Hockey NYC is a group committed to promoting inclusive opportunities to play women’s ball hockey in New York City. WBHNYC’s scrimmages, clinics & tournaments are open to all skill levels, so whether you’ve played your whole life or are just starting out, pick up your stick & come join in for some hockey & fun! 

Come celebrate at this month’s scrimmage on Saturday, Nov. 23, 1-3pm at Dutch Kills Rink in Queens (a 10 minute walk from the Queensboro stop). To learn more, visit: