The Demons’ cinderella season continued against the Riots

The Biters calculated Math to the eff degree.

Gut Rot put forth a valiant effort, but the Pucks winning streak climbed to 11(!).

LBS were just the latest team to get the better of Fresh Kills.

The surging Sky Fighters were just too much for the puttering Gremlins.

Poutine witnessed the strength of German hockey with Karma’s bro Flo scoring in the sixth round of the shootout.

Rehabs looked damn scary good against Filthier. Like PBR Cup favorite scary.

Don’t look now, but Fuzz has strung together two wins, both against uber quality teams (Hookers and Karma).

Cobra Kai’s efforts came up just short against the Butchers and Dana, who is the mother of sandwich stealer.

The Dark Rainbows didn’t win by 11. In fact they didn’t win at all as Mega Touch’s Nate went H.A.M.

We had 11 games to report in total after coming back from the HockeyBeach and Labour Day hangover/break from BTSH!

Thank you to the #GoalieUnion for all the shutouts and making this update fairly swift for us! On to the box scores…

What the Puck 6 @ Sky Fighters 1

WTP – Paul P (3), Justin M (2), McCauley (2), Hoggystyle x2 (10), Dave Mac (2)

Goalie Win – Goalie Ed

Sky – Dana L (4)

Goalie Loss – OG James (3-4, 2.25 GAA)

Game Notes: WTP finishes off Sky Fighters right where they left them 3 weeks ago in the soggy rain; in their own end chasing the ball from their opponents.

Poutine 0 @ Pounds 3

Goalie Loss – RJ (6-5, 4 Shutouts, 1.25 GAA)

Pounds – Roberts (9), Davis A (2), Tori (1)

Goalie Shutout Win – Sizzler (10-1, 1.55 GAA)

What the Puck 2 @ Fresh Kills 0

WTP – Capalbo “69” (2), McCauley (3)

Goalie Shutout Win – Goalie Ed (8-5, 1 Shutout, 1.95 GAA)

Goalie Loss – Zak Casca via Demons

Game Notes: After not allowing any goals in the made up portion of their Sky Fighters matchup played earlier in the day, Ed kept his goose egg on the day by shutting out Fresh Kills (his first on the season).

Week 17 What the Poll: Nope, it’s just their jersey numbers again.

Dank Bows 3 @ Evil Dojo 2

Rainbows – Dan C (4), Ryan M (2), Jess(ica) D (2)

Goalie Win – Greenwald (4-11)

Cobra Kai – Pete G (4), Russ “Yetter Joke Provider” Hamilton (4)

Goalie OT Loss – Casca via Demons via Veto’d subs

Sky Fighters 1 @ Rehabs 4

Sky – Matt (3)

Goalie Loss – Sizzler via Casca via CK vs Rainbows

Rehabs – Ramy (2), Mo (7), Josh (2), Cherie (7)

Goalie Win – Peter Parker via FA

Math 2 @ Demons 4

Math – Jackpole McG (9), Bradley S (2)

Goalie Loss – David L (5-6, 2.70 GAA)

Demons – Neil Zed (13), Zach Fine x2 (7), Miles S (8)

Goalie Win – Casca (2-2, 1.90 GAA)

Game Notes: Casca kept playing until he finally won a game. And he did after 3+ hours straight and took the rest of the day off to cool off at a local watering hole serving Demons Kool Aid. The real question is whether or not Neil is really drinking it?

Advanced Analytics: Can Neil, Zach, and Miles start heating up again? After their strong start, they were looking like Teets McGee, Jeff, and Miles (and we didn’t even mention Gil’s son’s dad!) for fuzz last year who all eclipsed the double digits mark in goals early last year. This might be the game that gets them going with 3 more weeks of BTSH later this month.

Gremlins 0 @ Filthier 5

Goalie Loss – Jamie B (7-6, 4 Shutouts, 1.73 GAA)

Filthier – Jaime D x2 (7), Ryan McL (3), Danielle (3), OP James (10)

Goalie Shutout Win – Tim K (11-3, 4 Shutouts, 1.20 GAA)

Game Notes: 5. Not a minus 5 for Walker, but that’s the number of emails he sent to Danielle and Jamie talking about how bad he played instead of talking about how awesome the comedy show was on Monday night.

Mega 0 @ Butchers 2

Goalie Loss – Eric D (1-4)

Butchers – Brendan C (4), Creamy (2)

Goalie Shutout Win – Tim Brk (3-7, 1 Shutout, 2.55 GAA)

Riots 0 @ Hookers 6

Goalie Loss – Dave GdR (3-9)

Hookers – Eleni T x3 (6), Sarah N x3 (5)

Goalie Shutout Win – Hoggy via WTP?!

Game Notes: “Who even let’s Hogg sub?” – JW. Someone nice enough to let both WTP goalies get shutouts on the same day John, that’s who.

Advanced Analytics: JW would also like to know if this is the first time two girls have had hat tricks in the same BTSH game. Well done ladies!

Fuzz 3 @ Karma 2

Fuzz – Eiton x2 (2), GilF (8)

Goalie Win – Tim Bwn (8-6, 3 Shutouts, 2.25 GAA)

Karma – Abby (1), Derek Zed (14)

Goalie Loss – Steve F (4-5, 2.72 GAA)

GANK 3 @ Rotters 1

Anklebiters – Chris B (5), Jared P (8), Shannon S (1)

Goalie Win – Craig LaC (12-1, 5 Shutouts, 1.13 GAA)

Gut Rot – Heather (1)

Goalie Loss – Charlie O’D via FA

By Cat

Denim Demons vs. Tompkins Square Riots

When I first moved to New York, I watched the complete Buffy the Vampire Slayer series on Netflix every single night when I came home from work, because I didn’t have money to do anything else and also I’d never seen it because I thought it was “too scary” in middle/high school. In Buffy, vampires are just like, a variety of demon that inhabit humans, and like aside from the usual vampire symptoms (scary teeth, blood lust, yada yada yada) they for some reason get really wrinkly foreheads. What if you knew it was like, the Denim Demons time to play hockey because they just got wrinkly foreheads. Or wrinkly jeans? I think the Brosens would make a really top notch vampire villain brother duo. Someone alert Joss Whedon!

I feel sorry for the Riots because the skateboarders fucking won (!!!!) before they got to riot in TSP on Saturday. I hate a missed punk rock opportunity.

Prediction: Demons 5, Riots 0.

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By Tracy Demon

Whew, a LOT happened last weekend you guys. First and foremost, our friends?frenemies FRIENDS the skaters managed to save our mutually beloved corner of Tompkins from turfing and held a protest-turned-celebration on Saturday. True victory for the proverbial little guy and NYC history too. So what does this mean for us?! Are we still moving? No one knows! Roller coaster of emotions I tell ya.

On any other week the skaters might have nabbed one of the stars, but it turns out a bunch of folks done played hockey real good on Sunday. So without further ado…

Third Star

Hats off to the Hookers ladies

Remember the recent past when the Hookers used to lose games mainly because of attendance problems? I’m not sure if they still have attendance problems, but when you achieve a 6-0 victory based entirely on two hat tricks by Eleni Tebano and Sarah Newnam, you really don’t need that many more people to show.

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Pucks defeated Sky Fighters in their makeup half.

Then the Pucks took out Fresh Kills.

LBS blanked the Pous.

Dark Rainbows pulled off the upset against Cobra Kai.

Rehabs found a way to solve the Sky Fighters.

Demons beat Math with 2 goals from Zach F.

Danielle (Filthier) took home bragging rights against Jamie (Gremlins).

Hookers were too cunning for the wily Riots.

Butchers narrowly escaped clutches of an L against the jorted Mega Touch.

Biters survived a real scare against Gut Rot.

Fuzz came back to shock Karma.

See you next week!