Hey there BTSHers!

We miss you like we miss a rock in our shoe. 

As New York City moves into Phase 2 of the New York Forward plan our league takes another step towards returning to play. 

When we do resume play it is imperative for league members to remember that BTSH is a non-contact league that has been practicing social distancing since its inception in 2000.

The theories are wild but the truth is wild…er.

By Cat, Slay and Steven

Cat: Welcome to the Karma Conspiracy Circle. In one corner of the circle we have Steve“the flow” Friedman, in another we have Slay “Sleh” Lehman, and in the final corner, me, all here to prophesy about the upcoming (yeah, we’re optimists) BTSH season, and theorize about why it hasn’t started…yet.

So, at first I thought Governor Cuomo was behind Coronavirus so that he could stop the trains and get the L train project done in time and become New York’s hero….but the only anagram I could find for “Andrew Cuomo” was Nude Coma Row, which has no connection to coronavirus so it just doesn’t add up… I chalk the obsession with the dashing gov to up to being a #CuomoSexual.

But, Slay, you had a sourdough starter going about this last time we zoomed. It’s quite a theory and I want to see it rise.

This guy gets it.
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