Just like last week Gut Rot drew first blood against the Demons. And just like last week the Demons scored 4 unanswered goals. Sarah and the Demons have a date next Sunday with LBS, Inc.

The Butchers played a clean game with crisp passing with active communication, but could have used some more shots on net as the Rainbows pulled off the upset. Dan, Yetter and the Dark Rainbows will have a show down with the number one overall seed Cobra Kai.

During the second half of the Math v Sky Fighters game an assortment of cookies was passed out to the spectators with one ungrateful jerk demanding milk from the bodega. His captain cannot confirm his status for next Sunday’s game at this time.

(Fun fact: goalies like oatmeal raisin!)

About the game… Math v Sky Fighters featured the highest scoring game of the day with also the fastest pace too. Jake played his best game of the season by shutting down odd-player rushes and finding the open Fighters, but the Math spine of Norris and Meyer also brought their best. Herr and Math will face off next Sunday against the adorable Fuzz.

A classic BTSH game was played between Mega Touch and the Riots with both teams giving their fans plenty to cheer about. Sadly, an own goal by an unidentified Riots defender was the difference. Well, that and Max’s breakaway sniper. Mega Touch earned the right to play Filthier this upcoming Sunday.

18. Gut Rot at 15. Denim Demons – 1 pm, West
by Cat and Jess(ica) D

In this corner: Gut Rot

The road so far: Gut Rot has had its ups and downs this season. What they lack in wins they make up for in team chemistry and likability off the courts. But don’t be fooled, this team has some sleeper weapons who just might be activated for this revenge match after losing 5-2 to the Demons last Sunday.

The history books: Last year Gut Rot ended regular season with slightly better league positioning but failed to make it to the round of 16.

Injury report: On account of their habit of running around in floaties like a pack of drunk bubble boys, they are well-insulated from injury.

One player to watch: Akhil – his goal count should not be dismissed, plus when the man puts on the charm offensive he’s unstoppable.

Key number: 3, the number of consecutive victories Morgen has at two girls one cup. [Continue Reading…]

The playoffs are here!  The playoffs are here!  The playoffs are FINALLY HERE!

19. Dark Rainbows at 14. Butchers – 1 pm, East
by Jerome

In this corner: #19 Dark Rainbows (4-13-1)

The road so far: Spotted with legit wins this year, which is a stark contrast to last year’s campaign and postseason.

The history books: Known for having a stacked team in the gilded age of BTSH, this generation has of late followed the trend of other BTSH squads by actively scouting youth and talent. The middle years of the Tompkins era have been a long-term period of rebirth (sorta) with some veterans (5-ish years) staying, some players doing part-time then gradually phasing themselves out of the league, and other players establishing new beginnings.

Injury report: Only if some of the Rainbow females “ironmanned” the crap out Hockaway.

One player to watch: Katherine. She’s cute.


Key number: 201-2… ah wait… it’s 1: Of their four wins, none of them were against a first division team. They’ll put up a loud celebration not only for making the following round, but also against a team of the league’s highest echelons. [Continue Reading…]

by Richiehero

Let’s get this over with. Here Isaac:

Oh man, did Poutine win 3 games and not get a star? Yikes…they should have. But I didn’t realize it when I started writing so I’m going to stick with the three I have…though Lee should be arrested for stealing their star. Scum.

Third Star
Lee B of Corlears Hookers

An unnamed source (Noelle) said, “Lee is actually much better in net than when he plays out.” When I asked did he score in the second game, she said, “Of course not.” So Lee will have to settle for the Third Star for beating the Sky Fighters. [Continue Reading…]