by Arya Stark and Isaac

The 2019 Schedule has dropped and there are an abundance of Must-See-BTSH games. Here’s a look at each week’s marquee matchups along with some bonus games.

Week 1

Mega Touch at Dark Rainbows – rematch of last year’s Schlitz Cup that saw the underdog Mega upset the heavily favored Rainbows.  Cat, Bryan and Dan have been replaying the game their heads all winter and will be out for blood on opening day.


Every game is MUST SEE because it is Opening Day!

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by Richiehero

With a tear in my eye I write this Hall of Fame profile.

Farmingdale NY, 1999: Gil Walsh and I are playing on Triumph (in my mens league!). Our goalie is late and we start the game with no goalie. We see him arrive and he’s ready to play, so I tell my team to hand pass it so we get a whistle. My idiot teammates don’t listen and I’m agitated. Finally Walsh gets the ball and I tell him to hand pass it to me. Walsh hand passes it into our net. Gil screams. Not at Walsh. “RICHIE!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?”

Yet I still love this man.

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Let’s try this again…

Attention Free Agents,

The annual free agent scrimmage is almost here (again)!  Interested in spending your Sundays chasing around an orange ball on asphalt while getting heckled by your peers?  Then this just might be for you!  Here are the details:

Free Agents need to wear red.

When: Sunday, March 24, 2019

Time: 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Where: Tompkins Square Park (corner of 10th Street and Avenue A – you know, across from the Yeshiva building that is in Cat’s favorite Netflix show)

Who: Adults interested in playing ball hockey and not being a dick

Shirt Color: Red

Registration can be found here. In order to participate in the scrimmage you MUST be registered

Written by JW

It turns out that many BTSHers do a lot more each week than just chase an orange ball, get all sweaty, drink 10 PBRs, and argue with the refs. Some of them are even doing really cool, creative things. (Not me, but, some of them.)

One such example happened to occur on my beat, so I was lucky enough that my BTSH press pass granted me access to a very exclusive meeting this past week.

Ours is a story of two Mikes. And many, many…….mics.

And guitars. And drums. And screaming Marshall stacks.

The aforementioned Mikes are the pride and joy of Gut Rot, Gilligan, and WTP’s favorite son, Dudolevitch. As you may have already guessed, this is a tale of their rock ‘n roll lives.

Gilligan has not let his family life get the way of him regularly waking up on a park bench, his ears ringing from last night’s show, vomit stains down the front of his shirt, swearing that he’ll never drink or rock so hard again. (We’ll fact check this later.)

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by Richiehero

Staying with the 2008 Fresh Kills theme, it’s about damn time we honored the most successful GM and captain in BTSH history – Dave S aka Soko. Some say the Bills might have had a dynasty in the early 90s had Scott Norwood’s kick went through the uprights. But instead of learning how to win, they muscle memoried how to lose.

Dave helped FK upsets the heavily favored Hookers in 2008, winning 3-2. After that the two franchises went in the same yet opposite directions. The Hookers could never win the big game, and Fresh Kills did. Dave is one of four players (according to him) that has four rings, along with Ariel, Eugene and Natasha. As you can see, Dave is a tremendous captain because outside of Natasha, none of those four are good.

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