By Cheeky

The BTSH Social Committee cordially invites you to attend our season opening party this Saturday, March 24th at 9 pm. Come get sucked into our Polar Vortex where we promise it will be nothing short of a bomb-ogenasis of a time!

Break out your brightest snow jackets, (your tightest) leggings, and let your hair go wild, as we combat this winter storm of a party 80’s style. There will be a double barreled ice luge, photo booth, drink specials, and plenty of food (vegetarian options too!) to get us through the dark and stormy night!

BTSH Polar Vortex Season Opening Party
When: Saturday, March 24th
Where: PS450, 450 Park Avenue S, Between 30th and 31st
Time: 9 pm

Can you say Snowmagedd – it on?!

By Diana M

What can we say about the famed BTSH Division 4? Quite a bit actually. Have they recently had a rough season in the W/L category? Maybe. Are they having a great f**king time? Usually.

What The Puck: Same roster, fresh attitude

WTP returns, orange balls loaded, with exactly the same roster as last year except this year they have a strict attendance policy which mandates makeup days spent standing in the Tompkins Square Park bathroom.

Where fun meets flavor.

When the Division namesake, Justin M was asked what happened in the off-season, he responded, “Our Captain Emily won a championship in D2 Lasker Ice Hockey. Zac Ball Hogg found his Canadien Manners. Mike D still packs the van full of booze, band gear, and hockey equipment.”

They left last season putting up a fight against the Lbs, and return with Eric, Paulie, Caroline, Sam and Marisa all hungry for a rematch. John C and Steve have been practicing wind sprints and taking co-ice-baths to stay fast and loose in 2018. [Continue Reading…]

In 2017, an ace team of crack reporters covertly assembled under conditions of extreme personal danger. Rising above the abject squalor known as “journalism”, they brought down a government, challenged societal norms, and demoralized an entire community. Now for the very first time it’s time to tell their unabridged, unexpurgated, and underfactual tale, in:

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By Arya Stark

The field is officially set for the 2018 Frey-W Tournament (super cheesy name credit to Walker, obviously).  By now everyone should have received an email with their team info on it but if you haven’t it’s either because you mistyped your email on the registration form or you recently said something anti-semetic and this is my own personal form of passive-aggressive vengeance.  Either way, games will begin at noon although I’m sure many of you will be arriving extra early to help set up.  Preliminary games will consist of two 16 minute halves while playoff games will be two 18 minute halves.  Make the most of those extra four minutes because it could make the difference between getting laid at the bar after or dying a virgin.

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Interested in getting closer to Sam and harassing new League Managers or just getting more involved in the league?  Well, then here are some opportunities:


  • Ensure games are played according to the Rules & promote player safety.
  • Ensure games start on time.
  • After a game, ensure that the game sheet, including any player write-ups, are provided directly to the Ref Manager and League Manager before putting sheet in ref binder (ex. send a pic of the sheet to Ref/League Manager or other method agreed to by Ref Manager).
  • Also, you get to blow a whistle!
  • Paid position.
  • NOTE: If you’re interested in being a ref, email the Ref Manager, Sam N., at & the Ref Scheduler, Alexa T., at

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