The contents of this page are subject to change to meet the needs of the league. Please email if interested in becoming involved with any of the roles.

Referee Manager – $1700

The Referee Manager may delegate certain tasks as he or she sees fit, but ultimately is accountable for the following:

  • Ensure that ref scheduler, referees and game coordinators understand responsibilities
  • Develop, recruit and train referees.
    • Develop training manual
    • Coordinate and administer training, communicate with league regarding opportunities to join ref team
    • Prepping/ following-up with game refs throughout season
    • Address issues with training, discipline, and/or scheduling
  • Work closely and oversee ref scheduler
    • Ensure that all games have coverage, assist with outreach as needed
    • Address any concerns/issues with refs/teams based upon history
  • Assist in maintaining the Ref Binder and supplies (whistles, stopwatches, game sheets, pencils, etc.)
  • Manage discipline issues
  • Develop and recommend discipline guidelines
    • help field potential issues on the day of at the courts
    • ensure the write-ups from refs are tracked
    • complete write-ups as necessary
    • correspond with teams, players and refs regarding infractions
    • recommend players to the DC manager as needed
  • Assess safety and equipment concerns during game time
  • Correspond with Captains to address issues that arose at the week’s games
  • Correspond with referees to address issues which arose at the week’s games
  • Assess and make rule recommendations. Ensure any rule changes made by captains are corrected in rules and conveyed to refs
  • Field questions from refs and serve as a liaison with other admin regarding ref pay, issues with specific players and teams, issues with other refs, etc.

Referees ($20-$30/game): OPEN POSITIONS

The main goal of our refs to ensure a safe game for all players

  • Learn the BTSH rules and enforce them
  • Work with on duty game coordinator to manage all on-court logistics including: timely start and completion of games, accurately completed score sheet
  • Referee Games (communicate and signal calls to players, discuss issues with Captains, bench players as necessary)
  • Resolve on-court disputes
  • Work the quality of our leagues

Game Day Coordinators ($50/shift): OPEN POSITIONS

The main goal of this position is provide a smooth flow throughout the day for players and referees and provide support to managers

  • Manage on-site logistics
    • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start of games to set up equipment with opening team (first shift)
    • Stay after games have ended to ensure equipment is put away with closing team (second shift)
    • Ensure equipment is in good working condition
    • Take inventory (balls, ref needs, first aid, ect.) and report back to league manager
  • Liaise with Captains and teams to ensure teams are ready at game time
  • Liaise with refs to ensure:
    • Game sheets are accurately filled out (score, goalies, discipline issues)
    • Ensure that they have equipment needed to start game (stopwatch, gamesheet)
  • Provide a report to Ref and League manager regarding an issues
  • Submit game sheets via email to ref and league manager (take a photo of each gamesheet and email)

Discipline Manager Responsibilities – OPEN POSITION

  • Arranges, facilitates, and oversees the Discipline Committee meetings in order to insure fairness and efficiency
  • Only casts a vote in order to break a tie
  • Remains uninvolved when the Referee Manager is deciding whether someone should be referred to the Discipline Committee
  • Can never represent his or her team at a Discipline Committee Meeting