Chill out Dan, we’ll get to you. But first a big thanks to Jerome who made HOF cards and Stephanie who is giving the induction speech. I mean who wants to hear from the BTSH Media when you can hear from someone who really knows them. But before we get to Stephanie…Dan was an easy choice. When the committee (which is going to grow next season) discussed worthy people, Hopper always came up. Of course there are people that will say that Dan is moving out of NY only to expedite his enshrinement, and to those people I say duh. 

But with his stellar play, his great attitude as a captain, his willingness to help ref from March-the end of August few people are more deserving than Mr. Hopper. 

Credit Jerome.

Credit Jerome.

Photo credit Jerome

Again credit Jerome

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Imagine the baseball HOF without Babe Ruth? It wouldn’t be a real HOF. So thanks to Dave (not) Gil d.R. we inducted SB into the HOF last year. This year we decided to form a committee of old-timers, Dave, Coach and Amy J. When I told them my idea they loved it and agreed to be part of the committee. Dave was looking forward to having a beer and discussing who he thought was worthy. Unfortunately, both Dave and Coach told me 100% they are voting for Amy Baker, so I don’t think the beer, or Amy J.’s vote ever happened. I then asked Dave to send me a picture or give me some details and that didn’t happen either. So below are two pictures of Not Amy Baker. 

I googled Amy Baker hockey and this is the most athletic picture that came up.

I googled Amy Baker hockey and this is the most athletic picture that came up.

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3 stars

BTSH, these are your final 3 stars of the week, for this year.  Thanks for letting me mildly entertain you all year. 

3rd Star: Curt Chaplin – the LBS, inc. Family

Bell Biv Devoe

No, I said the LBS, inc. Family…..not The East Coast Family.

Curt Chaplin Lbs inc goalie

Curt and Jake Chaplin father and son Lbs inc.

Next year’s Best Duo nominees.

Jake from LBS brought his 65 year-old dad Curt to play in net for the final scrimmage of the season. When Curt was suiting up some of the shooters going up against him may have been thinking “check out this old timer getting dressed, this is going to be easy.” They couldn’t have been more WRONG. Making save after spectacular save, Curt looked more like a 25 year-0ld netminder out there. Curt continually robbing kids blind left and right led one player on the opposing team to shout “Jake, what did you borrow Lundquist for the day?? This is insane.” Actually, that outburst may have happened at the point when little kids from were coming in off the sidewalk asking for Curt’s autograph. When I asked Curt how he was able to play at such a high level at his age he started talking about dungarees and how he loved going to watch the ‘talkies’ as a kid, and he lost me a little bit. 
A goalie has one job – keep the puck out of the net.  For excelling at that job and then some, Curt, we award you 3rd star of the week. 

2nd star: Rich Glanzer – Editor-in-Chief, (also I think he plays for that green team)


Rich worked extra hard this week, and all season. I mean, just look at how much he’s exerting himself.

While it pains me to give Rich any type of accolade, I just couldn’t deny it any longer.  While the rest of us slacker BTSH website writers were off chilling on the beach, galavanting around the city, or doing whatever the hell else we do (working?) Rich was hounding us with email after email to make sure we finished writing the 3 Stars, finished writing the previews, and got all our nominations and votes for the 2015 Awards in. When we continued to eat bonbons and relax while getting our hair did, all the while not getting our writing done, he did a good amount of it himself. Honestly, without Rich’s constant nagging we may not have even got the award nominations done in time, among many other things this season that may not have gotten done without him. Even after all that, we managed to forget to announce the Hall Of Famers for this year. (Though, I must say, Rich’s choice to go watch his random coworker’s rec league softball game over the BTSH end of season party was questionable, at best.)
While Rich may be one of the most loud-mouthed, boorish people in BTSH, one thing you can’t take away from him is that he cares about this league. When I asked him why he cares so much about keeping the league entertained via the website and also giving other BTSHers credit where credit is due he started rambling on and on about the Ultimate Warrior and George “The Animal” Steele until I basically had to plug my ears. Rich, for staying on top of things while the rest of us were off seeing Bayside! The Musical! for our third time I bequeath to you 2nd star of the week. You earned it. 

Note: Rich didn’t get this star for his hockey skills, as he hasn’t scored a goal in BTSH since 1993. However, since hockey is like the 6th or 7th most important part of this league, it makes perfect sense.

Rich actually would have received 1st star this week, if not for this…….

1st star of the week: The Sidelines.

Some background here: When Isaac emailed me his votes for the 3 Stars of the Season he included this as his vote for 1st star.  I loved it so much that I asked him if I could publish it, and he said yes.

Written by 2015 Rookie of the Year, Isaac Stewart:

First Star: The Sidelines

It’s where victories are celebrated and defeats are numbed with the same elixir.  Strategies are discussed, questioned, revised, and eventually abandoned.  Where you anxiously await your next shift while communicating with your teammates. Where you help the Refs make their calls and let them know when they don’t.  And teams are congratulated on a good game regardless of who got the ‘W.’
It’s where the bonds of friendship are forged and misconceptions are adjusted.  Where being on a team turns into being apart of a community.  Where hijinks are performed and shenanigans play out.  The place where limes are tossed, kazoos are blared, beers are drunk, wine is sipped, and tacos devoured.  Where you find out that sometimes chocolate is better than carrots or cucumbers.  It’s where secrets are shared, new ones begin, and bochinche can spread like wildfire.  Yes, if the sidelines could tell stories we’d cut it’s tongue out, we would.
The Sidelines, it’s where some of the best BTSH memories are made.

The first inductee into the 2015 BTSH Hall of Fame is your 2015 BTSH MVP, Craig L. Craig might be the most well-rounded HOFer yet. He can get in with his stellar play in the nets, as well as his off-the-charts fun factor on the rinks, or in the bar.
What does the POS stand for???

What does the POS stand for??? (Photo Credit Jerome)

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Ben Chadwick captain

2015 Captain of the Year……..Ben Chadwick!

2015 Award winners:

Best Duo

Johnston Sisters

Feminist of the Year:  

Mia Juhng – Poutine Machine

Masculinity of the Year:  

Derek Tagliarino – Mathematics

Rookie of the Year (Male):

Isaac Stewart – Instant Karma

The decline is steep for this man. From Know Your Neighbor Hero to a Not Star

Rookie of the Year (Female):  

Liz Boylan – LBS, inc.

Cheap move Boylan. Saving the scrimmage so you can win Female Rookie of the Year? Respect.


Upset of the Year:

‘Biters over Fresh Kills 

Best Laugh:

Jamie Batuwantudawe – Gremlins

Jamie - Beiber

Minkus Award—for flamboyance and extraordinary feats in goaltending:  


C Dubs Award:  

Eli Kazin (Mathematics)

Bob W. Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (Captain Of The Year)

Ben Chadwick – Instant Karma

Most Improved: 

Ann Mathews – Filthier

Least Improved:  

Gabe Chenard-Poirier – Fresh Kills

Stacy Kehoe Award for Toughness and Grace:


3 Stars of the Season: (as voted on by you, the BTSH voting public)

3rd star: a tie! – Cherie Stewart/David Liang – Mathematics

2nd star: Kevin “His Name Is” Longwell – Dark Rainbows

1st star: Craig LaCombe – Gouging Anklebiters

Craig 1st star

congrats to all the winners!