The Spirit Of Flounder Embiggens Rachel


If you had come to a wrestling event with us, you’d have won too.

On Sunday evening, the media had the distinct honor and pleasure to present the annual Media Awards to some of BTSH’s outstanding players (and not so outstanding ones as well).  The winners are listed below:

BTSH Regular Season Scoring Champion (Female)
Noelle Safar (Corlears Hooker)
Cherie Stewart (Butchers)

BTSH Regular Season Scoring Champion (Male)
Gabe Chenard (Fresh Kills)

The Eighth Annual Bob Weyersberg Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence
Emily Moore (What The Puck)

Rookie of the Year (Female)
Roxanne Gaudiel

Rookie of the Year (Male)
Jeff Laniando (Butchers)

Stacy S. Kehoe Award for Toughness and Grace
Shelley Maasdorp (Gouging Anklebiters)

Brendan “Flounder” Hay Memorial Award (Female)
Rachel N. (Cobra Kai)

Brendan “Flounder” Hay Memorial Award (Male)
Sam Marton (Corlears Hookers)

The Jon “Dinner Plate” Feldman Award For Agitation and Instigation
Jonathan Brügger (Happy Little Elves)

The James Pereira Award For Curing Cancer, Saving Three Babies From a Burning Building, Taking a Bullet For The President, and Scoring Four Goals In The Same Day
Jerome “Hornswoggle” Ramos (Poutine Machine)

The Following People Were Inducted in the BTSH Hall of Fame:
Monica Russo Larsen
Alex Eben Meyer
Bob Weyersberg