The Good Guys Won


We’re still not sure how Patrick ended up on this team.

Faces 4, Heels 2
Faces: Sebastian Asaro (Cobra Kai), Liam Martens (Cobra Kai), Sam Marton (Corlears Hookers), Cherie Stewart (Butchers)
Heels: Rob B. (Rehabs), Shelley Maasdorp (Gouging Anklebiters)
Goalie Win: David Liang (Mathematics)
Game Notes: Prior the the game, Heel captain Rich Glanzer traded Cherie to the Faces for a giant piece of fruit.

Denim Demons 3, LBS, Inc. 0
Denim Demons: Greg Frankel (2), Jeff Kamen (10), Sara Klein (1)
Shutout: Aaron “Coach” Pagdon (4)

Corlears Hookers 5, What The Puck 2
Corlears Hookers: Brian Cronauer 3 (5), Anshu Sinha (1), Jackie Spiegel (2)
What the Puck: Justin F. (1), Paul Picinich (4)
Goalie Win: Dustin Olson (6)

Rehabs 3, Butchers 2 (OT-SO)
Rehabs: Eric Ruben 2 (3)
Butchers: Jeff Laniando 2 (12)
Goalie Win: Scott Heese (1)
Shootout: Rehabs win shootout 2-0.  Nick Barretta with one of the successful conversions.

Sky Fighters 3, Poutine Machine 1
Sky Fighters: Luke Wang 2 (4), Paul Watkins (1)
Poutine Machine: Steve Berkowitz (2)
Goalie Win: James Stein (2)

Tompkins Square Riots 2, Cobra Kai 1 (OT)
Tompkins Square Riots: Suz (2), Marc Weinberger (1)
Cobra Kai: Liam Martens (9)
Goalie Win: Dave Gil de Rubio (3)

Mathematics 3, Gouging Anklebiters 2
Mathematics: Joey Batista 3 (10)
Gouging Anklebiters: Alex Derhohannesian 2 (8)
Goalie Win: David Liang (6)

Happy Little Elves 3, Gut Rot 0
Happy Little Elves: Boris Grinberg (8), Zack Miller (1), Gil Valdes (11)
Shutout: Steve Accardo (9)

La Famiglia 5, Filthy Gorgeous 4 (OT-SO)
La Famiglia: Alfred Liu 2 (2), Ben Bloom (5), Denis Miciletto (9)
Filthy Gorgeous: James Pereira 2 (15), Sunny Mehra (5), Jeremy Schumacher (1)
Goalie Win: Tim Kayiatos (8)
Shootout: Alfred Liu scored the only successful shootout attempt for either team.

Gremlins 1, Mega Touch 0
Gremlins: Krish Daftary (1)
Shutout: Jamie Batuwantudawe (3)

Fresh Kills 7, Dark Rainbows 1
Fresh Kills: Scott Lee 2 (7), Pete Gordon (1), Ariel Imas (6), Alex Rouleau (6), Nick Scott (2), Dave Sokolyanksy (5)
Dark Rainbows: Aaron Friedman (2)
Goalie Win: Patrick Barch (6)

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For the first time ever, this year’s BTSH All-Star Game will pit the Faces (Good Guys ) of the league against the Heels (Bad Guys).  With pride and bragging rights on the line, here are the rosters for this classic struggle of Good vs. Evil:

Faces (White)

Captains: Derek Tagliarino and Eli Kazin
Goalies: David Liang (Mathematics) and Patrick Barch (Fresh Kills)

Alex Derhohannesian (Gouging Anklebiters)
Ann Mathews (Filthy Gorgeous)
Diane Johnston (Gut Rot)
Jamie Batuwantudawe (Gremlins)
Jenny Grant (Gremlins)
Joey Batista (Mathematics)
Julie Katz (Mega Touch)
Liam Martens (Cobra Kai)
Lisa Harrington (La Famiglia)
Melanie Chmielowiec (Sky Fighters)
Mike Dudolevitch (Dark Rainbows)
Natasha Sweeten (Fresh Kills)
Peck Yang (Tompkins Square Riots)
Roxanne Gaudiel (Mathematics)
Sam Marton (Corlears Hookers)
Sarah Torneten (Happy Little Elves)
Sebastian Asaro (Cobra Kai)
Tia Lendo (Dark Rainbows)

Heels (Black)

Captains: Rich Glanzer and $h0wT!m3
Goalies: Dustin Olson (Corlears Hookers) and Steve Accardo (Happy Little Elves)

Black Rob (Rehabs)
Cherie Stewart (Butchers)
Christina Hopkins (Denim Demons)
Danielle Haselton (Rehabs)
Eric Devlin (Mega Touch)
Gil Valdes (Happy Little Elves)
Heather Aspergen (Gut Rot)
Jeff Laniando (Butchers)
Jeremy Schumacher (Filthy Gorgeous)
Kate Marlatt (La Famiglia)
Kevin MacDonald (Poutine Machine)
Lee Reiners (Denim Demons)
Nick Scott (Fresh Kills)
Shelley Maasdorp (Gouging Anklebiters)
Stephanie Cooper (Sky Fighters)
Suz Pasquantonio (Tompkins Square Riots)
Tiffany Hagge (Corlears Hookers)
Whitney Garrabrant (Poutine Machine)

*Note, LBS, Inc. and What The Puck have both opted out of playing this season.