Ocean City is upon us. Hide your women, booze and most importantly, your dogs.

The picture above is amazing and if you want to know the story, read the comment section where I explain in detail. Now onto the rosters.

Pullouts (Coed)
 Diane Johnston, Georgine Paulin, Heather Aspegren, Caroline Bickerton, Jo-Ann Provencher, Zach Norris, Sam Norris, John Walker, Jerry Chavez, Blandi, Nick Barretta, Nacho Guevara, Tim Burke, Jaime Luckey, Steven Panepinto

Clearly the star of this team is Caroline. There really is no Ocean City tournament without her. She is the MVP at Seacrets on Saturday night. Just make sure you don’t put your beer down in front of her or expect that much out of her hockey wise on Sunday.

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It’s Three Stars time. That means its time to celebrate the best of the best BTSH has to offer.

Remember when LeBron told the Heat fans he would win, not 1, not 2, not 3...NBA Championships?

Remember when LeBron told the Heat fans he would win, not 1, not 2, not 3…but 8 NBA Championships?

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Devlin’s Not Going To Like This…


This “sheepish” bit is wearing thin.

Mathematics 3, Cobra Kai 1
Mathematics: Adam Langer 2 (4), Stephanie Couzin (3)
Cobra Kai: Liam Martens (10)
Goalie Win: David Liang (8)

Happy Little Elves 4, Filthy Gorgeous 3 (OT-SO)
Happy Little Elves: Jon Brügger 2 (4), Gil Valdes (12)
Filthy Gorgeous: Jean Hebert (1), Suvin Malik (15), James Pereira (18)
Goalie Win: Steve Accardo (10)
Shootout: Elves win 1-0. Successful attempt by Gil Valdes.

Gut Rot 3, Mega Touch 1
Gut Rot: Tommy Cho (1), Mike Gilligan (4), Akhil Mehta (1)
Mega Touch: Alok Ghai (1)
Goalie Win: Jamie Batuwantudawe (via Gremlins)

Gremlins 3, Rehabs 2
Gremlins: Krish Daftary (3), Rod Sherwood (6), John Walker (3)
Rehabs: Sean K. (1), Eric Ruben (4)
Goalie Win: Jamie Batuwantudawe (4)

Tompkins Square Riots 2, Dark Rainbows 0
Tompkins Square Riots: Spencer Tucker (1), Vanck (1)
Shutout: Tim Brown (via LBS, Inc.)

Denim Demons 5, La Famiglia 0
Denim Demons: Paul Licari 2 (7), Brian Kubovcik (3), Lee Reiners (6), Zack Tinkelman (3)
Shutout: Aaron “Coach” Pagdon (5)

Fresh Kills 7, LBS, Inc. 2
Fresh Kills: Dan Burns (1), Gabe Chenard (15), Ariel Imas (7), Julie Katz (via Mega Touch), Alex Rouleau (8), Nick Scott (4), Dave Sokolyansky (6)
LBS, Inc.: Sam Anthony 2 (3)
Goalie Win: Patrick Barch (8)

Gouging Anklebiters 5, Poutine Machine 1
Gouging Anklebiters: Joe Polowczuk 2 (6), Michael Hansen (2), Caroline Morrissey-Bickerton (1), Matt Workman (2)
Poutine Machine: Jerome “Hornswoggle” Ramos (4)
Goalie Win: Craig LaCombe (8)

Sky Fighters 6, What The Puck 3
Sky Fighters: Roman Teytelbaum 4 (6), Martin Cejka (1), Rob Kucera (1)
What The Puck: Justin Michaliga (4), Paul Picinich (5), Sergio Jimenez (1)
Goalie Win: James Stein (3)

Corlears Hookers 5, Butchers 3
Corlears Hookers: Danilo Biagoni 2 (8), C.J. Anderson (8), Jock Paul (1), Michael Pigozzi (1)
Butchers: Jeff Laniando 2 (15), Cherie Stewart (7)
Goalie Win: Dustin Olson (7)

Please submit any corrections to derek@btsh.org
These days, it seems pretty much everyone is on Facebook (well, everyone besides #coreywinters and Georgine)…and although we’re pretty much all friends with each other in BTSH, it’s a big enough league that a few people may have slipped through the cracks.  Fear not, here are the top five people you need to friend immediately:

Honorable Mention 1:
Eli Kazin, Mathematics



Eli Kazin, proud member of the 2003-2004 Tampa Bay Lightning

I’m purposely leaving Eli out of the top 5, because he’s a media member, and I’d hate to be accused of nepotism (even thought that’s actually kind of the point of this article).  However, if you’re not already friends with Eli, you need to get on that.  Although he rarely posts, and when he does, it’s usually just a picture of CitiField or MSG to tell you he’s at a sporting event, having Eli as a friend means you’re guaranteed at least one “Happy Birthday” post on your wall every time your special day rolls around.  Without fail.  Seriously, the man is a Happy Birthday Machine, and he doesn’t miss anyone.  Just make sure you personally thank him afterwards.

Honorable Mention 2:
Jackie Spiegel, Corlears Hookers

We think this is Jackie.

We think this is Jackie.

Obviously, this one depends on your sporting preferences (which is why it’s only an HM), but if you’re a Rangers or Mets fan, Jackie’s got the goods.  Better yet, her page is riddled with selfies, which more people really need to be doing.  And if that isn’t your bag, she’s also big on posting pics of her dog, Ranger, which is worth a page view in itself.  You’re basically going here for her Instagram.

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