We’re Down To The Final Four


Zach flashes the People’s Eyebrow.

#2 Fresh Kills 3, #8 Cobra Kai 2

Fresh Kills: Gabe Chenard 2, Pete Gordon
Cobra Kai: Rachel L. 2
Goalie Win: Patrick Barch

#1 Corlears Hookers 3, #10 Sky Fighters 2 (OT-SO)
Corlears Hookers: Tiffany Hagge, John Wolff
Sky Fighters: Olivier Brassard, Roman Teytelbaum
Goalie Win: Dustin Olson
Shootout: Corlears Hookers win 1-0.  Successful attempt by John Wolff.

#5 Mathematics 2, #4 Happy Little Elves 1
Mathematics: Joey Batista, Brad Schmidt
Happy Little Elves: Rob Walsh
Goalie Win: David Liang

#3 La Famiglia 2, #6 Denim Demons 0
La Famiglia: Denis Miciletto 2
Shutout: Tim Kayiatos

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Denim Demons at La Famiglia

The BTSH Universe will be presented with quite the dilemma this Sunday at 3 PM. Watch Math-Elves on the East Court, or give Demons-Famiglia on the West Court a look…oh who are we kidding, everyone is going to watch Math-Elves! But if Denis, Shafiq, Creamy, Lisa, Kamen, Coach, Lee, Christina, and countless others participate in a game that no one watches, does it even exist?

Sorry Jenna, but Ben will not be watching your game on Sunday.

Sorry Jenna, but Ben will not be watching your game on Sunday.

Let’s assume it does, for a second, and do an old-fashioned tale-of-the-tape…
-The Demons beat the Elves early in the season, while La Famiglia split with the Elves over the summer. Advantage: DEMONS
-Neither team played Math this season. Advantage: PUSH
-La Famiglia has one former Math/Elf on their roster. The Demons have none. Advantage: FAMIGLIA
-Gil led the Elves with 18 goals. Jeff led the Demons with 16, while Denis led Famiglia with 12. Advantage: DEMONS
-Reffing…neither team came close to reffing as many games as Math or the Elves. Advantage: PUSH
-Adam Rubens would totally buy a Math shirt. Advantage: DEMONS

Looks like we have to take the Demons in this one, 3-1.
Rich: Assuming that no one that hasn’t played on either the Elves or Math will score, that would mean the Tuques win 1-0 on Cruff’s goal. It would also mean Craig is somehow in net for the Demons since Jenna scores on Craig in the playoffs. This all seems very plausible so I’ll go with the Tuques, 1-0 on this one.