Who’s got crabs? (Spoiler alert: BTSH has FREE crabs this Sunday at Ace Bar!)

A/N: The below comes courtesy of our very own Joe Polowczuk. He’s the one with the crabs, not me. Though I’ll probably have crabs on Sunday, and you should too.

For those of you wondering about that lingering smell of seafood from the back of Ace Bar the previous two seasons one late August evening, it was the annual Gouging Anklebiters crab feast.  This year, we’re taking the event league-wide after the games (come rain or shine). There will be 5 bushels of large Maryland blue crabs for your eating delight this Sunday, courtesy of BTSH and the effort of your league commish and Joe P., our league’s Old Bay Sunday Funday connoisseur. 

What do you need to bring? An appetite and a few bucks to give as gratuity for the hardworking crew at Ace that will cleanup this huge mess when we are done. If you’ve never eaten these little crustaceans before, don’t ask Suz to help you crack them open, she takes an hour to get through one.  Joe P. will provide a quick pre-feast seminar for anyone looking to maximize their piles of meat in return for a bottle of high life. 

We hope you can make it out , watch some football, and try to out eat anyone from Maryland. Please note this feast is for BTSH players only! Anyone bringing in freeloaders will be humiliated and put on the over night cleanup crew.

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