GOTW: Fresh Kills at Happy Little Elves (by Eli)

Last week’s Game of the Week was kind of a letdown, as La Famiglia put forth a skeleton squad and was doubled up by the Corlears Hookers. Let’s hope that this week’s featured game lives up to the hype.

Keys To The Game For Fresh Kills:
Attendance matters. Last week, Fresh Kills was able to squeeze by a scrappy What The Puck squad despite having only two subs. Sure, that allowed Gabe to play most of the game, but that won’t cut it against the Elves. Dave might need to take some drastic action and get Steph Opitz back to New York on the first plane from Texas and send a bus up to Boston to pick up Hobart. Of course, the biggest absence will be in goal, as Patrick is down in Brazil cheering on the Yanks in the World Cup. Better start checking that free agent goalie list, Dave!

Keys To The Game For The Happy Little Elves:
Last Sunday was a monumental one in Elves history. Not as monumental as beating the Tuques in their inaugural game in 2008, mind you, but still monumental. After years of failure, the Elves finally broke through and beat their white whale, the Gouging Anklebiters. The Elves are now tied for first in the $h0wT!m3 Division with a 6-1 record and are outscoring opponents by a 3-to-1 margin. Who knew that all it would take was to send Trevor off to Los Angeles and move Shaun out of the crease?!

The Elves have teased us before with a fast start before leveling off and finishing in the middle of the pack. But they’ve already exceeding this editor’s expectations and don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. The Elves’ torrid start continues as they topple Fresh Kills, 4-2.
Derek: Both teams have looked impressive up to this point, but I’m giving a slight edge to Fresh Kills for this one.  4-2 win for the Fighting Sokos.
Rich: We’ve gotten killed by them the last two years and eliminated by them three years ago. They have our #, and Boris, Ben and Gil’s son will be missing.  No prediction on this one. 

Other Games

Filthy Gorgeous at Gouging Anklebiters (by Derek)
Both of these teams left Tompkins after tough losses last Sunday, so they’ll both be looking to get back into the win column.  $h0wT!m3 Division pride is at stake!  I see The James and Suvin Show rolling to give Filthy the much needed victory, 4-2.
Rich’s Pick: This should be the Schuie Bowl since for some reason he’s playing on both teams this year. Is that even allowed?? We should probably talk about that. Anklebiters emailed me for ref list so I’m going with Filthy 4-2.
Eli’s Pick: Anklebiters halt their losing streak at two and knock off Filthy, 3-1.

Mega Touch at Dark Rainbows (by Derek)
This is another game featuring two teams that took home a loss last Sunday.  Both teams have consistently struggled this season, and the team that loses this game may find itself in last place in the Greene Division.  Mega wins, 3-2.
Rich’s Pick: The Dark Rainbows have supplied me with like zero refs this year. I’m picking and rooting for Mega 3-2.
Eli’s Pick: Mega moves out of last place in the Greene Division with a 5-2 win.

La Famiglia at Sky Fighters (by Derek)
We give La Famiglia the GOTW last week, and the entire team (aside from The Peter Wilson) pretty much no-shows.  As a result, they’re back to regional coverage in a contest against the Sky Fighters.  The Sky Fighters “played their asses off” last week and won, but not this time.  5-1 for The Family.
Rich’s Pick: Will you assholes stop getting killed by the Hookers when I predict you win or at least give them a game? Out of spite I should pick SF, but there are beers on the line with our picks so I’ll go 7-0 Tuques. Pick it up Sky Fighters. 5 beers for you guys if you win. But I get a freebie if you lose by 7. Comment on FB or this site for the deal.
Eli’s Pick: Everyone loves regional coverage! La Famiglia sweeps the season series with a 4-1 win.

LBS, Inc. at Gut Rot (by Derek)
Both of these teams recorded shutouts last week, so there’s that.  4-2 win for The Corporation.
Rich’s Pick: Scott Kollar puts up shots of his bare ass on Facebook. God that guy is cool. Lbs. 4-1 as Ali goes into a 12-year-slump without scoring.
Eli’s Pick: The Corporation has a serious dress code and frowns on such displays.  But they don’t frown upon winning, which they’ll do, 4-1.

Mathematics at Rehabs (by Derek)
This will be Becky Norris’ last game (at least until she eventually $h0wT!m3’s and joins the Butchers in 2015).
Rich’s Pick: I wish this wasn’t Becky’s last game because I’d love to watch this game with no rooting interest. I was actually going to ref it but I have to root for Becky to win going out. She will. 2-1. Miss you Becks.

Denim Demons at What The Puck (by Derek)
I think this is the game that made by wife retire from BTSH.  Demons take it, 4-1. (Rich’s note: Along with every other BTSH game she ever played)
Rich’s Pick: The Demons are struggling, which is good for them because they sometimes peak too soon. Some dude on WTP (the guy who gives the awkward high-five) scored the nicest goal of the year from his ass. I see a competitive game but gotta go with the vets and the Demons. 
Eli’s Pick: Red and orange are a bad combination. Demons get the 3-1 win.

Gremlins at Butchers (by Derek)
Cherie now has four goals since joining the Butchers, so I’m sure she’ll have at least two more here.  5-2 Butchers.
Rich’s Pick: Upset special as Sad Jamie turns that frown upside down and pulls out a 1-0 victory. That girl with the headband scores the goal.
Eli’s Pick: The Gremlins only win this season came against the Butchers.  They do it again, 2-1.

Tompkins Square Riots at Poutine Machine (by Derek)
Have you seen Poutine’s new duds?  You should; they’re pretty cool.  They’ll also win the game, 4-0.
Rich’s Pick: I’m loving the Riots this year. I hope they go to the bar after the game. 2-1 Poutine though. BTW, Dave is probably one of the most underrated goalies in the league.
Eli’s Pick: The Riots have not won since Opening Day. They’re due. Riots, 3-1.

Corlears Hookers at Cobra Kai (by Derek)
Cobra Kai enters this game as the leader of the Greene Division with a solid two point cushion over second place Gut Rot.  The Hookers, meanwhile, have a two point cushion over Fresh Kills in the Brown Division.  The Hookers will win this clash of division leaders, but by a closer margin than some may have expected at the beginning of the year, 3-2.
Rich’s Pick: I see the Hookers laying a big ol’ egg in this one and barely winning 4-2. Cobra Kai is no joke. 
Eli’s Pick:
Can you lay an egg and still win by two? What about by four? Corlears 5-1.

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  1. acfriedman says:

    EXCUSE ME … HMMM…but dark rainbows have supplied a referee. ME! So get your facts straight, Rich’s Pick. I mean Rich.

  2. RichieHero says:

    Its not a, “I’ll ref once this season then I’m done” type league, son.

    Ref the 1 p.m. game this week.

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