Cory V. of Instant Karma

This weeks' Everyman: Cory V!

This weeks’ Everyman: Cory V!

Cory earned his first BTSH career Hat Trick in the first half of the game against the Riots.  His persistent pursuit of the ball while getting back on defense allowed for him regain possession and find his open teammates (had a sweet primary assist in the second half) and the back of the net.  Cory has been firing on net all season and on Sunday it finally paid off, earning him a young reputation as one of Karma’s new snipers.

Cherie S. of Mathematics

Yeah, these are Puffins. So what?

Yeah, these are Puffins. So what?

Never one to be outdone, Cherie also had a Hat Trick on Sunday.  But hers didn’t come in the first half against Filthier.  With Math up by 1 with less than a minute in the game, Filthy pulled their goalie and tied it up with the extra player.  To everyone involved in this game (playing and watching) it had all the makings of going to overtime…..everyone….. except Cherie, that is.  With 10 seconds left in the game she got a hold of the ball, raced down court and put one past Newman with only 5 seconds left sealing the W! That’s a Riveter for ya.

My name is Earl of LBS, Inc. and my son’s name is Earl too

Hi, this is Daryl and my other brother Daryl.

Hi, this is Daryl and my other brother Daryl.

Wanting to make his Poppa proud, Jake was a man possessed on Sunday.  Not 1, not 2, but he scored a Hat Trick too from all over the place against Mega Touch.  But this Star really isn’t about that, its about is about his Poppa…. With Timmy out with another, um, injury the LBS fired up the bat signal for Poppa Jake to suit up and get in the cage.  Poppa Jake is so old school that he used a piece of cardboard with black tape as a chest protector and a wire to hang it around his neck.  Official quote from him, ‘you guys better score a bunch of goals, cause I’m probably going to let a few in.’  His unconventional style of playing outside the crease to challenge shooters got the W for LBS.

Ryann G. of Rehabs

These boobs were made for walk'n.

These boobs were made for walk’n.

Well, it seems like Welch and his other Johnnys read the previews last week, because they kept feeding the ball to Ryann all game. Using an assortment of remarkable moves she put 4 past the Hookers net minder.   Re-announcing herself as of one the most lethal weapons in BTSH.  And she played the whole game without a sub. Take that, bitches.

Honorable Mention
By Marisa C. of WTP
With 0.8 seconds left in the game, Charles S. of WTP fired a rocket from mid-court that found its way past the Butchers’ net minder to send the game to OT.  That’s pretty Puck’n clutch!

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