What the Puck showed up in new reversible pinnies and won our hearts this Sunday.


Cobra Kai 1-4 Corlears Hookers Final
Cobra Kai: Liam Martens (2)
Corlears Hookers: Danilo Biagioni (1), Tiffany Hagge (1), Sam Marton x 2 (2)
Goalie Win: Amriel Kissner (2)

Fuzz 9-1 Gut Rot Final
Fuzz: Miles Hilder x 3 (5), Steve Accardo (1), Brian Hicks (2), Alexa T. (1), Alyssa Murrett (3), Rob Walsh (1), Gil Valdez (2)
Gut Rot: Mike Finnegan (1)
Goalie Win: Matt Newman (via Free Agent)

Mathematics 2-1 Poutine Machine Final(OT) 
Mathematics: Cherie Stewart (2), Joey Batista (3)
Poutine Machine: Mike Marron (2)
Goalie Win: David Liang (1)

Dark Rainbows 2-3 Mega Touch Final(SO) 
Dark Rainbows: Josh Wilson (1), Bill Ling (7)
Mega Touch: Adriano Bratta (6), Max Temesca (1)
Shootout: Winner by Julie Katz
Goalie Win: Mike Tuckman (3)

Butchers 4-3 Filthier Final
Butchers: Dana Kravis (1), David St-Jules (3), Peter D’Angelo (7), James Kinney (2)
Filthier: Denis Miciletto (7), Kate Marlatt (1), Shafiq Perry (2)
Goalie Win: Tim Burke (3)

Denim Demons 4-3 What The Puck Final
Denim Demons: Zach Fein x 2 (2), Adam Rubens (3), Brad Pollock (2)
What The Puck: Dave Maccallum (2), Justin Michaliga (2), Jaime Delia (1)
Goalie Win: Eitan (via Free Agent)

LBS Inc. 5-0 Sky Fighters Final
LBS Inc.: Luke Sellick x 2 (3), Scott Kaston x 3 (4)
Sky Fighters: 
Goalie Win: Tim Brown (3)

Gouging Anklebiters 1-2 Rehabs Final
Gouging Anklebiters: Ben Probert (8)
Rehabs: Ryann Geldner x 2 (2)
Goalie Win: Eitan (via Free Agent)

Tompkins Square Riots 1-7 Fresh Kills Final
Tompkins Square Riots: Spencer Tucker (1)
Fresh Kills: Ashley Singer (1), Gabe Chenard-Poirier (3), Eugene Rha (1), Tom Rush x 2 (4), Sheena Wagaman (3), Jeff Starr (2)
Goalie Win: Patrick Barch (3)

Instant Karma 4-3 Gremlins Final
Instant Karma: Sean Glickman (1), Hugh Mckee x 2 (3), Heather O’Neill (1)
Gremlins: Alex R. (via Free Agent), Ryan Mills (1), Iannis Tourlakis (1)
Goalie Win: Michael Maloney (3)

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  1. megamike says:

    Sexism in the media continues!!!! Rainbows first goal was scored off the foot of Becky, a deflection that directed a ball going two feet wide instead into the back of the net. What’s a sistah gotta do to get recognized for a goal in this league???

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