The Dojo Wins Big

Rachel is a legend.

Rachel and Jagr’s hair circa 1995 are both legends.

LBS, Inc. 3, Poutine Machine 1
LBS., Inc.: Tommy Captatosta (3), Jason Bogdaneris (1), Nick Rolf (1)
Poutine Machine: Steve Berkowitz (1)
Goalie Win: Tim Brown (4)

Gouging Anklebiters 2, Sky Fighters 0
Gouging Anklebiters: Joe Polowczuk (1), Shelley Maasdorp (2)
Shutout: Craig LaCombe (4)

Filthy Gorgeous 5, What The Puck 4 (OT)
Filthy Gorgeous: Suvin Malik 3 (6), Dana Kravis (2), James Pereira (6)
What The Puck: Hanif 2 (2), Dave (1), Paul Picinich (2)
Goalie Win: Jamie Batuwantudawe (via Gremlins)

Dark Rainbows 2, Gremlins 1 (OT)
Dark Rainbows: Sean Reynolds (2), P.T. Walkley (1)
Gremlins: Maire Lane (1)
Goalie Win: Craig LaCombe (via Gouging Anklebiters)

Rehabs 4, Denim Demons 2
Rehabs: Rob B. (4), Mike Fask (1), Ramy Odeh (5), Eric Ruben (1)
Denim Demons: Adam Hirschberg (1), Lee Reiners (2)
Goalie Win: Hector “$h0wT!m3” Melendez (2)
Game Notes: There’s a high probability that all of the Rehabs’ goals came from Cobra Kai’s Ryan (the girl with the dreadlocks), whom the Rehabs borrowed for the game…but the Rehabs were more than happy to take credit for them anyway.

Happy Little Elves 5, Mathematics 2
Happy Little Elves: Trevor Beauclair (1), John Brügger (2), Adela Ibric (1), Emily Ostrover (1), Gil Valdes (3)
Mathematics: Eli Kazin (3), Joey Batista (1)
Goalie Win: Steve Accardi (3)

Corlears Hookers 3, Fresh Kills 2
Corlears Hookers: Jesse Scolaro 2 (2), Danilo Biagioni (5)
Fresh Kills: Gabe Chenard 2 (8)
Goalie Win: Dustin Olson (4)
Game Notes: The Hookers scored two goals in the last minute (one with their goalie pulled) to clinch the victory.

Gut Rot 2, Tompkins Square Riots 1 (OT-SO)
Gut Rot: Tom (1)
Tompkins Square Riots: Max (2)
Goalie Win: Eric Ramirez (1)

La Famiglia 2, Butchers 1
La Famiglia: Hugh McKee (2), Angela Vicari (2)
Butchers: Jeff Laniando (5)
Goalie Win: Tim Kayiatos (5)

Cobra Kai 7, Mega Touch 2
Cobra Kai: Sebastian Asaro 2 (3), Dave Cicirelli (1), Pete Gallina (4), Ian Kwok (1), Liam Martens (4), Ryan (1)
Mega Touch: Julie Katz 2 (2)
Goalie Win: Hector “$howT!m3” Melendez (via Rehabs)

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7 Responses to Week 6 Box Scores

  1. RichieHero says:

    Tough year for WTP. They give up 5 OT goals…apparently.

    Also, Trevor only had one, New Trevor had the other.

  2. derek says:

    Thanks, I’ll try not to listen to Rich Glanzer next time he gives me the Elves’ goal scorers.

  3. RichieHero says:

    How drunk was I when I gave you those scores? I never know who scores for my team. You would think I’d actually be pretty good at that.

  4. derek says:

    Drunk enough to not be able to squat New Trevor. #weaklegs

  5. $h0wT!m3 says:


  6. $h0wT!m3 says:


  7. RichieHero says:

    I could squat New Trevor 10 times.

    BTW, yesterday didn’t happen.

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