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2017 ROTY Nominee Marcella v Captain Tia
Gremlins at Dark Rainbows

BTSH experienced a true Oscar moment last awards season with a snafu rivaling La La Land being announced for best picture. Full story coming soon.

Both ladies bring true dedication and spirit to the games. These ladies constantly find ways to involve themselves with their team, community and sport. This game will be a battle.

Prediction: If the Rainbows win, does this count as the first win of the season given that they still haven’t completed last week’s game? 3-2 Rainbows. However, superstitious Tia would like the statement adjusted to 3-2 Gremlins.

Co-Commish Herr v Captain Sena
Mathematics at Rehabs

Sarah plays on Math.
Sarah has a sister.
Sarah is older and
Sarah is shorter than her sister.
Sarah wears yellow hats.
Sarah is co-commish.
Sarah is dating Brian Hicks.
He is on Rehabs…

Sena plays on Rehabs.
Sena has…
We’ve realized that Sena’s life isn’t as available to us, but some facts…
Sena is not dating Brian Hicks.

Prediction: I’m with Herr, 2-1 Math.

Chief Social Life Officer Lisa v Board Woman Morgen
Instant Karma at Gut Rot

Longtime league player Lisa is always a defensive staple on the court and social queen off the court. Win or lose, she’ll rally the troops and lead them away to the bar. She’ll find you the best place no matter your beverage of choice. She has made the East Village her home and has welcomed us every week.


Pantsuit Morgen is looking good. Following the the footsteps of another kicka** ginger Gut Rot woman, Morgen stepped up her game and joined the BTSH board. She has fully embraced the Gut Rot culture so we can’t wait to see what impact she’ll have from her new position.

Prediction: Tacos and Tequila available after the game (before and during too if desired), 2-1 OT Gut Rot.

Captain Ali v Captain Caroline
LBS, Inc. at Sky Fighters

We finally had an Ali sighting this past Sunday and couldn’t be happier! Old-school BTSH is always in full force when Ali is at the court. New generation LBS members, make sure you listen and learn and your hubris will be forgiven.

Going into the season, Caroline knew that she was entering a rebuilding year. With that mindset, she arrived at the free agent scrimmage bright and early to snag some top recruits. Post game team bonding activities will continue to help this team settle in as we’ve been on a scoring rollercoaster with them.

Prediction: LBS only allows a free agent sub, 7-5 LBS.

Captain Jackie v Captain Ann
Corlears Hookers at Filthier

Jackie, are you there? Sometimes we’re not sure if you’re still in the league and we miss you.

Ann at the 2016 Rose Charities Tournament. She’s rumored to be there again this year. Are you?

Being on the hockey circuit year-round, Ann is always a quiet scoring leader. According to recent data, Filthier is one of the cleanest play teams in the league which aligns very well with its Captain.

Prediction: Hookers bench is shorter than Filthier, 4-2 Filthier.

Don’t forget to sign-up for the Annual Rose Charities TournamentThis message was not paid for by Board Woman Rachel.

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