As the BTSH media budget quickly dwindles with only 79% to work with, this week we decided to give you your monies worth with a female perspective. Introducing the controversial Rachel Greene of the Butchers!

Me: Hey, Rachel, how ya doin’?
Rachel: Oh, hey, pretty good. 
Me: How do you foresee Sunday’s remaining games turning out?
Rachel: You want my opinion?  Jeez, a man has never asked me that bef…
Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah just tell me what you think.

Denim Demons at Tompkins Square Riots

Easy, Ruebens. Here's your team's match-up preview.

Easy, Ruebens. Here’s your team’s match-up preview.

Interestingly enough, both of these teams have their roots in punk rock, but with the loss of Coach there goes the last of the original party Demons. Pour one out for the remains of the two-man crowd. Who is going to stand between the pipes for them now? Can they also play drums? The sidelines of these two teams couldn’t be more opposite. How can you NOT have fun with you have Lmac cheering you on? Unfortunately, Lmac’s love isn’t enough for this one.

Demons by 2, Kamen’s on a roll.

Gouging Anklebiters at Instant Karma
The 3 pm game is the sweet spot for Phil’s Biters: they have enough time to recover from the night before, and it’s probably too early for them to start drinking yet, except maybe Caroline. Chadwick’s wingspan may cut off a few passes, but he can’t get one past Craiggers.

Thor’s hair is no match for Diana’s cheekbones.

Prediction: Probie’s puppies take this one by 3.

Instant Telegram for Chadwick & Ko.
These are the thoughts of a female, not Isaac STOP
She has no idea what she’s really talking about STOP
Karma visits Rachel and her Butchers next week STOP

Sky Fighters at Mathematics

The fix is in!

The fix is in!

I’m still not over the loss of Hopper, and I can’t imagine the Sky Fighters are either. But Math still isn’t over that play-off loss from 2014, so it’s even I guess. The Norri are back in full force and Cherie brought even MORE female hockey talent (welcome Riveter, Amber Moore). That being said, Sky Fighters seem to have some fresh faces, but keeping in line with tradition, I don’t think many of them know how to smile. Alas, Mia’s charm isn’t enough to topple Sam’s headband.

Prediction: Math by 1, unless Roman’s brother learns how to smile.

Corlears Hookers at Fresh Kills
The Hookers have steadily dropped, not only in standings, but also in hate-ability. Is it because Pete brings his kids around…or just the presence of more hate-able teams like Filthier and the Fuzz? Let’s not forget, Ariel has some pretty cute kids too. I’m looking forward to the Gabe on Eitel match-up, but wait, that won’t happen…Eitel will be too busy hanging out with Barch by the Kill’s net.

Prediction: Hookers by 1, they have a reputation to uphold.

Rehabs at Fuzz
I love Sena and Ryann as much as (probably more than) the next girl, but do they allow any other women to play? Is Hector hurt again? Or is he simply reminding us what $h0wT!m!ng is? Congrats to the Fuzz, instantly the most universally disliked team in the league, before the season even started! But that was the point, right? I think Ramirez is in net for Rehabs, but I can’t keep track of his career. Good match-up, but he’s looking at a tough day with Jeff and Gil still looking for their first win.

Prediction: Fuzz by 1, but Glanzer finishes -2.

LBS, Inc. at Filthier

Timmy baby is looking younger already.

Timmy-baby is looking younger everyday.

Former BTSH champs face off on this epic Sunday. Are the LBS still licking their wounds from last week…last season? Rumor has it they had some serious off-season training and strategy sessions at the Lehman/LBS compound in the off-season. They even let Scott show up since he learned how to celebrate. Is Filthier still riding high and looking for back-to-back championships? Does anyone want to see that?

Prediction: Ann for the game winner, Filthier by 2.

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