Week 2 Preview

Jason Eitel Is Gunning For The Demons


Corlears Hookers (1-0) vs. Denim Demons (1-0)
Location: Tompkins West, 2:00 PM
All-Time Series: Tied 1-1
Game Notes: Although both of these bitter Rubens Division rivals were victorious last week, they each earned their win in very different fashions.  The Corlears Hookers coasted to a five goal victory against the Tuques Army, despite having only one substitute.  Jason Eitel led the way with a hat trick, while the defense stymied the Tuques, holding them to only one goal.  The Denim Demons had to scratch and claw their way past a spunky Happy Little Elves team, despite being heavy favorites.  Although they won the game in the end, the Demons actually trailed twice before scoring the game winning goal late in the second half.  When the Demons and Hookers last met, the Fightin’ Rubens eked out a one goal victory in an extremely competitive and vicious game.  The Hookers will look to avenge this loss on Sunday, giving them bragging rights until the next meeting on September 13.
Keys To The Game:
1. Hookers captain Peter “Purple Rain” Putka has been busy on the phone all week ensuring he will have more than one sub for Sunday’s game.  However, reports indicate that Putka has “misplaced” the contact information for Albert “Al” Huang.
2. Although the Denim Demons struggled against the Elves last week, they were also missing top talent Micael Holmström.  His expected return this week should strengthen an already stingy defense.
3. Demons player Zack Tinkelman has made it extremely clear that he’s planning to cheap shot any Hooker who scores a goal.  Why else would he reference this in an earlier comment?
Eli’s Pick: Denim Demons.  Adam “Legend Killer” Rubens must have a few tricks up his sleeve.
Derek’s Pick: Corlears Hookers.  If they all show up, there is just too much raw talent to overcome.

Mega Touch (0-1) vs. Filthy Gorgeous (1-0)
Location: Tompkins East, 1:00 PM
All-Time Series: Filthy Gorgeous leads 3-1
Game Notes: After an entire offseason of working to rebrand its image, Mega Touch looked extremely Bad Touch-like in its season opener.  Things will not get any easier as Eric Devlin’s squad faces a Filthy Gorgeous team that won its opener by five goals.
Eli’s Pick: Filthy Gorgeous
Derek’s Pick: Filthy Gorgeous.  This seems to be a consensus pick in the Survivor Pool as well.

LBS, Inc. (1-0) vs. Sky Fighters (1-0)
Location: Tompkins West, 1:00 PM
All-Time Series: LBS, Inc. leads 7-2
Game Notes: Both teams had impressive starts to the season, with each notching seven goals on their opponents.  The winner of this matchup will have the inside track to taking the Schloeder Division title.
Eli’s Pick: LBS, Inc.
Derek’s Pick: LBS, Inc.

What The Puck (1-0) vs. Tuques (0-1)
Location: Tompkins East, 2:00 PM
All-Time Series: What The Puck leads 8-0
Game Notes: The Tuques brain trust has been working feverishly to concoct a gameplan to counter What The Puck’s flawless attack.  So far, the plan includes tricking Pucks captain Larry “Mad Dog” Zimmer into thinking the game has been cancelled.
Eli’s Pick: What The Puck.  Mad Dog is too smart for the old “Cancelled Game” trick.
Derek’s Pick: What The Puck.  It’s tough to imagine anyone beating them right now.

Cobra Kai (0-1) vs. Fresh Kills (0-1)
Location: Tompkins East, 3:00 PM
All-Time Series: Fresh Kills leads 4-0-1
Game Notes: This Rubens Division clash will feature two teams that were slow out of the gate.  Are the defending champs already suffereing from a hangover?
Eli’s Pick: Fresh Kills. No.
Derek’s Pick: Fresh Kills

Mexican Standoff (0-1) vs. Mighty Squirrels (0-1)
Location: Tompkins West, 3:00 PM
All-Time Series: Mexican Standoff leads 3-2-1
Game Notes: The Mighty Squirrels enter this Schloeder Division matchup on a 12 game losing streak.  Judging by Mexican Standoff’s performance last week, this would be an opportune time to end it.
Eli’s Pick: Mighty Squirrels.  They’re due.
Derek’s Pick: Mighty Squirrels.  The Squirrels debut their new goalie this week, so we’ll see how he handles the pressure of a divisional game.

Dark Rainbows (0-1) vs. Happy Little Elves (0-1)
Location: Tompkins East, 4:00 PM
All-Time Series: Dark Rainbows lead 1-0
Game Notes: This game will be the second leg of the triangular series among the Unicorns, Dark Rainbows, and Happy Little Elves for the pretigious (yet imaginary) Fairy Tale Cup.  Although the Dark Rainbows have already been mathematically eliminated from winning it, by virtue of their loss to the Unicorns last week, they can still spoil the Happy Little Elves’ chances.
Eli’s Pick: Dark Rainbows
Derek’s Pick: Dark Rainbows.  Kudos to the Elves for hanging with the Demons last week, but they’re not quite there yet.

Rehabs (1-0) vs. Gouging Anklebiters (1-0)
Location: Tompkins West, 4:00 PM
All-Time Series: Rehabs lead 7-1
Game Notes: After scoring his first BTSH goal against Fresh Kills last week, Rehabs rookie Sean “$howJu” McClain has already started trash talking for this week’s game.  He boasts (not sic at all), “I would be quite worried if I were you guys, because you’re gonna have yourselves a handful..plus you’re gonna get dizzy watching me and $howT!m3 running up and down the court with the ball while we’re playing tic-tac-toe with Villano.”
Eli’s Pick: Rehabs.  Circle gets the square.
Derek’s Pick: Rehabs

Mathematics (0-1) vs. Unicorns (1-0)
Location: Tompkins East, 5:00 PM
All-Time Series: Unicorns lead 3-0
Game Notes: A rare, non-beer related bet has been arranged between Mathematics captain Derek Tagliarino and Unicorns ambassador Craig “Ug” LaCombe for this Woodsworth Division tilt.  The losing team will have to give the winning team an on-court massage at a yet to be scheduled date and time.

Media Records:
Eli: 7-0
Derek: 5-2

Survivor Pool

It’s week 2 of the BTSH Survivor Pool. There are already two people eliminated. Here are the rest:

Ara Arnn (CK) – Mighty Squirrels
Caroline Currie (FK) – LBS, Inc.
Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli (REH) – Filthy Gorgeous
Phil Donohue (GA) – Filthy Gorgeous
Alex Eben Meyer (MT) – Mighty Squirrels
Rich Glanzer (HLE) – Filthy Gorgeous
Rachel Greene (MSQ) – Dark Rainbows
Craig LaCombe (UNI) – Filthy Gorgeous
Abigail Meisterman (DD) – Filthy Gorgeous
Hector Melendez (REH) – Filthy Gorgeous
Enayet Rasul (CK) – Rehabs
Sean Reynolds (DR) – Unicorns
Adam Rubens (DD) – Filthy Gorgeous
Josh Sadlier-Brown (CH) – Fresh Kills
Matt Spedalari (TUQ) – Filthy Gorgeous
James Stein (SKY) – Dark Rainbows
Corey Winters (WTP) – Unicorns
Larry Zimmer (WTP) – Filthy Gorgeous

Andy Pratt (MATH) – Week 1
Monica Russo (FG) – Week 1

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6 Responses to “Week 2 Preview”

  1. HockeyRich says:

    The Elves only kept it close because the Demons top player was missing. I guess we had our full squad too.

    Rachel Greene and James Stein are getting eliminated this week in the Survivor Pool. Count it. (This is assuming our goalie shows up)

  2. lurk02 says:

    rich, you are going to be my ticket to winning this pool!! but best of luck anyway….

  3. HockeyRich says:

    What and who is a lurk? And thank you, best of luck to you as well.

  4. showtime says:

    $howT!m3 wins it all!

    Good Luck to all this weekend.

  5. REHABS-showju says:

    isint that a shame, no1 choose the Gouging Anklebiters this week in the survivor pool …..i wonder why? o yea thats right cuz there playing the rehabs lol

  6. Tub_of_Blood says:

    Guess it would have been a good week to pick the Anklebiters.

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