Slap Hands

Slap Hands

Corlears Hookers 4, Denim Demons 1
Corlears Hookers: Peter “Purple Rain” Putka (9), Gavin “Dutch’s Brother” Kearney (8), Josh Sadlier-Brown (6), Jesse Scolaro (4)
Denim Demons: Dave Shyu (2)

Cobra Kai 2, LBS, Inc. 1 (OT-SO)
Cobra Kai: Will Kuhns (12)
LBS, Inc.: Karsten Pichon (24)
Shootout: Cobra Kai wins 1-0. Successful attempt by Will Kuhns.
Game Notes: Kuhns scored the tying goal with 6 seconds remaining in regulation.

Dark Rainbows 5, Tuques 2
Dark Rainbows: Sean Reynolds (8), Trevor “White Jesus” Tyrrell (7), Josh Wilson (4), Brad Thomason (2), Jesse Gerstein (1)
Tuques: The Peter Wilson (6), Dean Keyworth (2)

Happy Little Elves 3, Sky Fighters 1
Happy Little Elves: Garrett Carrino 2 (6), Rob Muggeo (9)
Sky Fighters: Aaron Zych (1)
Game Notes: Carrino’s second goal of the game broke a 1-1 tie with one and a half minutes remaining in regulation.

Rehabs 6, Mathematics 1
Rehabs: Dave Fraser 2 (8), Adam Skuse 2 (4), Rob Blandi (6), Alex “Villano VI” Zabala (4)
Mathematics: Bradley Schmidt (10)

Filthy Gorgeous 6, Mighty Squirrels 0
Filthy Gorgeous: Matt Workman 3 (6), Sunny Mehra 2 (12), “Gentleman” James Pereira (18)
Shutout: Dan “D.O.” Owens (4)
Game Notes: One of Workman’s three goals was scored on a penalty shot.

Filthy Gorgeous 5, Rehabs 2
Filthy Gorgeous: Suvin “The Guru” Malik 3 (14), Sunny Mehra 2 (14)
Rehabs: Adam Skuse 2 (6)

Mega Touch 3, Unicorns 1
Mega Touch: Greg Kellerman 2 (5), Andy Robertson (2)
Unicorns: Chris (13)

Fresh Kills 6, Gouging Anklebiters 2
Fresh Kills: Dave Sokolyansky 2 (12), Ariel Imas (5), Brice Rosenbloom (5), Caroline Currie (3), Alex Frenette (3)
Gouging Anklebiters: Charles DeFranco (10), Alex Owen (1)

What The Puck 5, Mexican Standoff 2
What The Puck: Darrell “Accurate Bob” Hartman 2 (11), Adriano “Muscles Marinara” Bratta (20), Ollie Hartman (11), Hannah Stark (1)
Mexican Standoff: Ben (14), Jefferson (1)

Second Annual East-West All-Star Classic

              1   2   Total
West      2   6      8         Final
East       2   0      2

First Half:
East – $howT!m3 (Rob “Mungo” Gorden)
West – Sunny Mehra (Derek Tagliarino, Caroline Morrissey-Bickerton)
East – Adriano “Muscles Marinara” Bratta (Rem “Canadian Strongman” Garavito, Susannah)
West – Len (Ariel Imas)

Second Half:
West – Sunny Mehra (Derek Tagliarino)
West – Jefferson (Will Kuhns, Noelle Safar)
West – Bill MacGregor (Eric Ramirez, Adam Robertson)
West – Derek Tagliarino (Sunny Mehra)
West – Jefferson (Will Kuhns, Noelle Safar)
West – Caroline Morrissey-Bickerton (Ariel Imas)

BTSH Standings

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10 Responses to Week 19 Box Scores

  1. Hobo says:

    He was from Hoboken. And when he sang this he meant, “Manhattan.” So much for the “tenuous” relationship.

    That being said, there are too many pics of Brooklyn in this video. That means everyone should be happy:

  2. devlin13 says:

    wait, since when are there penalty shots?

  3. 21_Ramirez_35 says:

    That’s what I thought too…

  4. HockeyRich says:

    As usual the media takes away all the glory from me. Though my hockey team didn’t score as many goals as Steve’s in the All-Star-Game….thanks to great coaching by me and Kehoe…we convinced the refs it was tied and it needed to go to a shootout. There, we dominated as Dan was helpless to stop any of our shots.

    What ref awarded the penalty shot? I think that’s pretty funny.

  5. Hobo says:

    It’s hard to argue with Rich.

  6. Pwens says:

    Yo, Rich, I’m really happy for you. I’m gonna let you finish, but the West had one of the best all-star games of all time.

  7. susannahp says:

    You can talk all you want about your fancy numbers and your pie charts and your colorful graphs. You can talk about statistics and odds and ends. You can say that the score was 8-2…sure, some could say that.

    But we had a break dancer, man…we had a break dancer.

  8. HockeyRich says:

    Dan is just upset because I exposed his weakness. He is horrible when there are three guys lying on top of him and someone is on a breakaway.

  9. Hobo says:

    And we had a track suit . . . that the breakdancer wishes he had.

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