Week 18 Previews – Part 2

Part 2 by an Anonymous Lovely Lady



Sky Fighters at Hookers

The Hooker ladies have had no trouble solving goalies this season as Tiffany H. currently sits on top of the leader board. However, even with great shooting by all and marathon running by Noelle S., they are no match for the Sky Fighters. Lead by co-Captain Caroline W., the Fighters come from behind with rookie Alexis N. pocketing the insurance goal.

Sky Fighters 5-3

Math at Rehabs

Rehabs newest powerhouse lady, Amber M., is looking to join her new teammates on the leaderboard since leaving Math. Also, is it time for Ryann G. to return from her typical summer vacation? If so, the Rehabs can look to spread the scoring across all lines. Math will do it’s best and flex its lady muscles by starting the game with an all lady line-up anchored by Steph C. and Amy A.. This game quickly becomes a high intensity match-up with the Rehabs prevailing.

Rehabs 4-2

Demons at Filthier

Everybody loves Ann M., right? Wrong. The Demons want to give her a Sunday to forget. Captain Popack will have the troops ready for this one. But they have to play two games this week because of the rainout. Will Tracy M. and co. be able to bring it for game two against the defending champs? We don’t think so. Look for Filthier’s Jess  L. to swoop in with the game winner.

Filthier 3-2

Don't forget about Nicole and Angela. They've been holding it down on O and D Karma too.

Don’t forget about Nicole and Angela. They’ve been holding it down on O and D for Karma too.

Karma at WTP

Will Lisa H be out for revenge against her old team, WTP? Probably not, because they’re so likable. But, even so, this should be a great Welcome To The Johnsons matchup. Captain Emily M. will have the Pucks ready for this battle, as they fight to keep their spot in the division with the regular season nearing its end. But Karma’s Nina D. has been a defensive stalwart this season and will stymy Tanya N.’s scoring chances.

Karma 2-0



LBS, Inc. at Fresh Kills

Some people might call this end of the day match-up of first division teams a snooze fest, but the teams keep it interesting by making sure we have a shoot-out that goes on until the sun sets over the courts. The overtime period is intense with Cherie S. and Sheena W. pounding shots on the goalies, but ultimately Natasha S. of Fresh Kills gets the shootout winner to bring week 18 of BTSH to a close

Fresh Kills 2-1 (11 round SO)

And again, here’s my average take…

Sky Fighters at Corlears Hookers

Call me crazy, but even with Newman in net I’m taking the Hookers winning this one.  (Hint: Newman, cover your Five Hole.  That’s usually how Mike T. scores.)

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Prediction: Tiffany and her fellow Hookers look scary good at 4-1.


Mathematics at Rehabs

Wait, could this be the ‘Return of Ryann’ game?  Thank you to all of the random free agent ladies that have made a brief appearance on the Habs offense in July and August.  But Ryann is back and she’s got that covered.

Also returning to BTSH after a multi-year overseas hiatus is BEKCY F*CKING NORRIS!  (Whom, sadly, I have yet to meet.)  Her spunk could be just what Math needs to get the good times rolling again.  Wonder what new tricks she picked up in Cambodia?

Prediction: Habs are just too defensively sound for Mathenorris and take this one 5-1.

Denim Demons at Filthier

REF SCHEDULER ALERT: we are going to need at least three refs for this game.  (Only one will be needed for the Karma at Pucks game.  Both of those teams will end up hugging it out anyways.)

These two teams straight up just do not like each other.  Period.  Going back to last year’s end of season match-up Schuie was called out of retirement to keep these two in line.  And earlier this season it got a little messy with a couple of elbows from the Demons connecting in the eye sockets of some Filther’s ladies.

Prediction: Filthier is just playing too damn well right now and win this 4-2.

Instant Karma at What The Puck

This is a rematch of Opening Day 2016 when Karma and Baloney stole a 1-0 victory on a brisk afternoon.  Gone are the sweatpants, solid ice cold pink balls, stiff joints and early season jitters for both teams.  I can’t speak for Karma, but Emily, Justin and Mike D have improved since then and are ready to defend their right to stay in the Johnsons Division.

Prediction: the Karma slide continues against their divisional foes with WTP evening the series 3-2.

LBS, Inc. at Fresh Kills

There’s a lot riding on this one for both teams.  We’ve already outlined what both of these teams need down the stretch, but we haven’t discussed the inter-team dynamics.  During the scorching month of August LBS’s chemistry came a bit undone with the frequent absences of key players.  They’ll need to focus on improving communication and getting comfortable with each other again.

As for Fresh Kills, the move of Soko to defense has produced mixed results.  He’s still learning the position so he gets a wee-pass there, but he should turn his attention to supporting Barch instead of berating the refs.

Prediction: LBS survive a late push from FK to win 5-3.


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