All-Star Game Coming Soon!

All-Star 2009

On September 13, 2009 at 5:30 PM, the BTSH media will host the second annual East-West All-Star Classic.  Once again, BTSH’s biggest and brightest stars from Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island will comprise the East squad, while Manhattan, the Bronx, and New Jersey will fill out the West.  Under this unique format, players will sacrifice their team allegiances in the name of regional pride.

In the inaugural East-West battle, Phil “Sandy” Donohue and Rachel “A-Korn” Greene coached the Western squad to a 4-1 victory over Adam “Legend Killer” Rubens and Monica Russo’s Eastern team.  However, despite the competitive nature of the game, the Peaches Party Patrol kept the mood jovial with its usual assortment of food and beverages, which are once again expected this year. Sadly, due to prior commitments, Filthy Gorgeous’ Paul “Ashy Larry” Vernon is not expected to participate in this season’s event.

If you are interested in coaching your respective side of the river, please contact either Derek or Eli.

Know Your Neighbor


Name: Georgine Paulin
Team: Mathematics
Nickname: Mulva
Rejected Nicknames: The Alpha Female, Schmoopy, Gipple, Mom
Origin: The Midwest
College: Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit
Quote: “Hey kiddies!”
Early Aspirations: To be the placekicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers
First Job: Head pharmacist at Walgreens
Current Job: Real estate agent for Corcoran
Hero: Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross
Reason to Love Her: She brought Harmon Walsh into BTSH.
Reason to Hate Her: She doesn’t approve of your childlike shenanigans.
Fast Fact: Georgine once sold an apartment to former New York City mayor and People’s Court judge, Ed Koch.
Favorite Things: Amortization, pool parties, motorcycle rallies, Andy Warhol Museum
Least Favorite Things: Foreclosure, wearing socks with sandals, elaborate goal celebrations, public transportation
Best Known For: Her slow Midwestern drawl
Hockey Comparison: Cam Russell
Non-Hockey Comparison: Mother Goose
Things the Media Will Continue to Overhype about Her: She is the Mathematics’ team goon.
Down the Road: Georgine wins free tickets to a Huey Lewis and the News reunion concert from a radio promotion.  She does not go.

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8 Responses to Week 17 News and Notes

  1. doucetwtp says:

    you wouldn’t have known about glengarry glen ross if it weren’t for me 🙂 “Will you go to lunch? Go to lunch. will you? Will you go to lunch.”

  2. legendkiller says:

    Coffee’s for closers

  3. bob w says:

    wait – which one of you is kevin spacey and which is al pacino? or is it alec baldwin? stick to hockey allusions, will you?!? georgine, can you find me something with sunset views for under 3 mil? (there’s a joke in there somewhere – a beer at EVT for whomever can dig it out!)

  4. DeweyDecimator says:

    Wins Huey Lewis tickets and doesn’t go? What a Lewser.

  5. Hobo says:

    We can make it happen. BTSH plus Owen =

  6. joetinky says:

    Once again, All-Star Game organizers have omitted Staten Island from the list of geographic zones that can spawn BTSH All Stars. That means that Fresh Kills players, who all hail from their fragrant S.I. namesake, cannot qualify for either All Star team. Okay, so they’re also a bit long in the tooth– those Fresh Kills landfillers. Let’s be fair, though, and not discriminate based on borough of origin nor geriatric status. Disposing of LBs this week was not exactly basura, after all. Give Fresh Killers some credit and a chance to be All-Stars.

  7. Davgil77 says:

    Thanks for the nod Joe, but in actuality, aside from our team name and our retired (?) founder Jeff “Hollywood” Lesser, none of us are from S.I. It’s all Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, with a few Jerseyites thrown in.

    Dave the Goalie

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