Fuzz v Biters 

Prediction: with 17 minutes left in regulation the game will end with Glanzer as a – 2.

Fresh Kills at Gouging Anklebiters

Listen up, Anklebiters. You are not Barch Pile. You are not a Phil or Sheena PBR. You’re the same Kentucky Wristwatch organic Phil as everything else.
You’re not your Coco. You’re not how much Diana you have in the hangover. You are not the Chug you Amy. You’re not the Gabe of your Fresh Kills. You are not your fucking Eugene. You are all winning all losing, dead rats of the Sarah.

Prediction: Biters win by 2.

Gut Rot at Dark Rainbows
Mad Libs nursery rhymes edition
by Veronica Sawyer

There was an young woman who lived in a rainbow.
Diane had so many tequilas, she danced to and fro.
She ate some hot dogs that aren’t sandwiches,
And shouted up to the heavens GUT ROT BITCHEZZZ”!!

Yetter Dumpty sat on a wall,
Wes shot a Mylec ball.
All the king’s chuggers and all the king’s men
Couldn’t beat Morgen at 2 girls, 1 cup AGAIN.

Hickory, Becca-ry, chirp.
JessICA was drinking a Slurp.
The clock struck four,
Akhil did not score.
Hickory, Becca-ry chirp.

Gilligan and Scott
Went up the rink hot
To fetch a 2 on 1
Against Greenwald and Tia
But Scotty fell down
To which Cat and Bernstein said “see ya”.

Twinkle, twinkle, little Kellie,
Damn, Ed’s gear is smelly.
The Bows’ camaraderie lights their way,
Whilst Bryan tells all the girls “sup bae”.

Prediction: Gut Rot are coming off an impressive win against the Gremlins, while the Rainbows are coming off an impressive game, which ended in heartbreak with less than 3 minutes left.

The Bows’ hearts stay as broken as the health care system in this country, as Rot take this one, 3-2.

Mathematics at Fuzz

All Fuzz make Glanzer, but a good Norris yields when he knows his Sarah is happy hour, and Alexa the cheapshot. The only Amy is Jeff.” “Go then if you Meyer, but remember, no matter how Justin your Mathematics, those who Walsh you will Sarah you ball.

Prediction: Fuzz win by 3.

Denim Demons at Tompkins Square Riots

Now you all better Popack this and Rosen it Demons. No matter Dave or Tracy is Kevinyou, man, you show it and you are Riots. You are winning‘ a Boatsex Brad in yourselves for them to Laura Mac in a red hot Breasticle and open it. Wide. Man, you wanna get past the pity point when they start Kevin you about Tracy? You wanna loser in this Suz world? You play it Zachs.

Prediction: Demons win by 2.

Credit: Mia.

Mega Touch at What the Puck

Let me tell *Hogg* something, Pucks. You pull any of your Alok Noah with Julie, you Eric a Claire out on the Shelly I’ll take it Mega from Hanif, and Yury it up your Emily and pull the fucking Noah ’til it goes “Jorts.”

Prediction: Mega wins by 1.

Rehabs at LBS, Inc.

You’re Johnny Rehabin me, Klion! Okay, these are Rehabs stuff. Now pay attention. First, you take the Arya. You Roberts the Ramirez on the Hicks. Then, you Sizzler the LBS. When the Scotty K2 you water break it on the Sena. Then, you Kelsy it with the other end and then you stuff it.

Prediction: LBS wins by 6.

Gremlins at Poutine Machine

This is Poutine. It’s twelve Mills north of Marcella and a few AJ south of Charlotte to Death. It’s located solidly on the Nicky of Larry. My BSA . In a word, Gremlins. It’s been here for seven Larry, but every single Ilannis is new. We’ve got K Mac, fishing, and a charming view of the hobos. The only problems are the pests. Most places have mice or Walkietalkie. We have… Busch.

Prediction: Poutine wins by 2.

Cobra Kai at Instant Karma

Your Thor is Brianna, he is in Karma, in a 5-Star Cobra Kai. I was ordered to Liam him to Campbell with a Derek in his Matt instead I gave him a first class Bill to LJ. He is JJ, he understands things… Lisa or Heather.

Prediction: Cobra Kai wins in regulation.

Filthier at Butchers

Burke! How Sellout Sean can you go?
Creamy row, what a Baby Mia knows
Once again, back is the Malcolm
The Kate animal
The Filthier, Public Tim Number One
Mike said, “Butchers!” and I got Arthur
Can I tell ’em that I never really had a Dana?
But it’s the Mike that the JJ spun

Prediction: Butchers win by 1.

Sky Fighters at Corlears Hookers

Poor Danilo. Without even realizing it he’d Sarah into one of those Let’s Be Carlin Vortexes, the bane of Mias everywhere. These Greg were Sam version of a Sky Fighter in the stocks, in you go, plenty of Dustin guaranteed and what you got out of it besides bitterness and James nobody knows. Perhaps some Noelle of Matt and Tiffany.

Prediction: Hookers win by 4.

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