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LBS, Inc. at Filthier
by Isaac

Despite their divisional standing, the LBS have enjoyed success this season against their divisional foes. Going 4-2-0 with a convincing win already against Filthier. Luke, Liz and Karsten might grab all of the limelight, but sturdy players such as Alex and Sascha are the reason they’ve been competitive in every contest.

Alex and Sascha’s ability to carry the ball out the defensive zone keeps their opponents on their heels.

Heavy are the hearts of Filthier after playing an emotional contest last Sunday. Rumor has it they are planning on starting only four players and a lone mouth guard to honor their comrade who has ventured out west. Ann will need to rally James, Sunny and rest of Filthier by reminding what’s on the line – divisional points.

Prediction: Filthier digs deep and finds a way to extend their win streak to 10 by defeating their longtime divisional nemesis, 5-3.

Denim Demons at Butchers
by Isaac

Can’t remember a game in which the Demons had to wear any other color than red, but it looks like they’ll have to for this one. The Demons have had their share of difficulties this season and perhaps dusting off and donning their alternate jerseys could be a breath of fresh air. Josh has been missing in action lately and their rookie Brian has been quite lately. Get these two to show and the pair could provide dividends.

Don’t go tell’n the Butchers about early season difficulties. They may have stumbled out the gate going 1-4, but have gone 7-1 in their last 8 games. What might have looked like a return trip to the Katz Division now looks like it could be an ascension to the Soko Division. MDF has brought on her bro AFD (aka Tarzan) and secured the depth they need for a late season push.

Prediction: Demons get back on track by putting a couple biscuits in the basket, but Pete and Dana are too hot to handle. Butchers win 4-3.

Mathematics at Gouging Anklebiters
by Arya Stark

Losing streak? What losing streak? The Biters are doing alllllright. (Feel better, kiddo.)

In a matchup that could determine a lot about the CMB division, Math heads to Anklebiter Arena to face the Biters.  The last time these two teams met Math won and sent the Biters into a tailspin; they haven’t won since, a span of over two months.  Can they break the streak here?  A win would go a long way towards securing the division tiebreaker against the Demons while a loss would put them squarely in the relegation danger zone.  Math’s win over Karma last week broke a four game losing streak of their own (ok two were in OT and we do grant NHL-style loser points in this league), but they’re still tied with the Butchers for the division lead.  Will the cigarette/water break heard round the world inspire Math or will the Biters draw spiritual strength from the upcoming Beer Olympics?

Prediction: Beer wins and the Anklebiters triumph 4-3 in this week’s upset special.

Gut Rot at Dark Rainbows
by Isaac

Don’t expect a great showing in the first half by the Green Machine. It’s seriously a lot to ask of group of people who’ve barely made it back from the previous night’s walk of shame. The best we can hope for is caffeinated and upright. (Kellie and Morgen, the surly duo that are never remorseful, drew the short straws this week. They’ll probably make an appearance around 2:46 pm.)

Good things can happen when you crash the net.

The Rainbows have not only been bit the season by the injury bug, but apparently they have also developed a phobia of shooting the ball. To get over it all they have to do is pass hard towards the net while the other forwards crash it. Abby has been on the mend lately, but she may need to show up this Sunday and coach her mates back into true Rainbows form.

Prediction: the healing powers of coffee and bacon take effect in the second half for Gut Rot and they barely prevail in regulation, 3-2.

Tompkins Square Riots at Poutine Machine
by Isaac

What a statement game that the Riots played last Sunday against one of the more dangerous teams in the league. Their fast paced tempo and unrelenting hustle forced an OT that the league (and some Survivor Pool players) was hoping they’d win. Christina, David and Suz have stepped up their game lately and could give teams fits down the stretch of the season.

Making a statement game of their own were Poutine against the league’s premiere team. However, unlike the Riots who banded together, the Machine’s core leadership and leading scorer ran for hills and Charlotte brought in some ringers (that were poached by Soko right after the game, ugh). Tough to say if we can take Poutine seriously as contender when they acted like pretenders.

Prediction: the Riots bring some nasty and give Poutine a taste of their own medicine, but Jerome avenges his shootout miss by netting the OT winner, 3-2.

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