Instant Karma at Filthier by Richiepoothang

In this inter-conference matchup, Filthier takes on Instant Karma.

While Denis, Shaq and Tim K. spent last year drinking out of the PBR Cup, La Famiglia died, and turned into Instant Karma. There was no Karma for them however, as Filthier won their matchup last year, and then the championship.

But revenge is a dish best served cold and you get another chance this year. Look, lets be real here. Beating Cobra Kai last week (with the help of a crooked official who bet on the game and waved off two of their goals) felt nice. You probably high-fived, drank a beer and never have thought of that game again.

Amy Anklebiters

But look at this picture. It’s Amy from the Anklebiters scoring a shootout goal (which doesn’t count as a regulation or OT goal Justin). Look at the utter glee. That’s what sports is about people. So play hard, come back on D, cover the point and the streaking Filthier player without the ball. And make them earn all their scoring chances.

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