Week 12 Boxscores

Elves New Lineup

Cobra Kai 2, Dark Rainbows 2
Cobra Kai goals by Rem Garavito, Greg Allman
Dark Rainbows goals by Bryan Harris, ?

Cobra Kai picks up a much needed point but the Rainbows continue their strong season

Sky Fighters 2, Mathematics 1
Sky Fighters goals by Greg Infanti, Roman Teytelbaum
Math goal by Eli Kazin

Bit of an upset as the red hot Math squad fall to the Czechless boys in blue.

Corlears Hookers 4, Gremlins 3 (SO)
Hookers goals by Jason Eitel (2), Noelle Safar
Gremlins goals by Eric (2), Nick

Hookers pull off one of their patented come from behind victories. But Jamie B. continues to be a leading candidate for the BTSH Vezina.

Happy Little Elves 3, Butchers 0
Elves goals by TrevorBeauclair (2), Adela “Killer” Ibric, Shaun DeLacy with the shutout

Derek Tagliarino’s Hulklike guest appearance inspires the Elves to a shutdown performance against the Butchers. 

Gouging Anklebiters 4, Tompkins Square Riots 1
Biters goals by Alex Derhohannesian (2), Alex Owen, Caroline Bickerton
Riots goal by Anthony Thomas

The Biters win one for Callie and continue to roll against divisional opponents.

Fresh Kills 2, What the Puck 0
Kills goals by Dave Sokol, Justin Ross

The Kills move one step closer to a perfect season. Someone should really write an article about this (I’m looking at you Rich Glanzer).

La Famiglia 4, MegaTouch 3
Famiglia goals by Shafiq perry (2), Denis Miceletto(2)
Mega Touch goals by Adriano Bratta (3)

The Buratta’s natural hat trick almost gets Mega Touch an upset win against a talented La Famiglia squad. Miceltto calls Bratta’s actions “a betrayal of his fellow country men”. Andiamo, Adriano.

Poutine Machine 1, Rehabs 0
Machine goal by Kevin Macdonald, Tim Brown with the shutout

Brown posts his second shutout in a row and the PMers get their second win in a row with a nail-biting victory over the Rehabs.

Lbs. 3, Filthy Gorgeous 2
Lbs goals by Karsten Pichon, Sam Anthony, Tommy Capostosta
FG goals by James Periera, Suvin Malik

Lbs. squeeze out a victory against a short-benched Filthy squad. 

Denim Demons 7, Gut Rot 1
Demons goals by Jeff Kamen (4), Adam Rubens, Zack Tinkelman, Lee Reiners
GutRot goal by Larry Gilligan

Kamen puts on a clinic and the Demons roll over the whiskey lovers.

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