America’s Game of the Week: Rehabs @ Fuzz
Sunday July 1, 2018 3:30 PM
Thompkins Square Park West Court, New York, NY

Originally published in the Rogue Media, January 12, 2018

This has been by far the most challenging few weeks in my professional life. I understood cognitively that I was facing a crossroads in my evolution as a player and as a man, and that it came with exceptionally difficult choices. What I didn’t truly understand, however, was the range of emotions I would feel during this process.

The primary mandate I had for myself in making this decision was to have it based on the potential for my growth as a player — as that has always steered me in the right direction. But I am also at a point in my life where it is of equal importance to find an opportunity that encourages my evolution as a man: moving out of my comfort zone to a new city and community which offers the greatest potential for my contribution and personal growth. With this in mind, I have decided that I am going to join the Golden State Warriors Rehabs.

I’m from Washington, D.C. Detroit originally, but Oklahoma City Fuzz Nation truly raised me. It taught me so much about family as well as what it means to be a man. There are no words to express what the organization and the community mean to me, and what they will represent in my life and in my heart forever. The memories and friendships are something that go far beyond the game. Those invaluable relationships are what made this deliberation so challenging.

It really pains me to know that I will disappoint so many people Rich Glnzr with this choice, but I believe I am doing what I feel is the right thing at this point in my life and my playing career.

I will miss Oklahoma City Fuzz Nation, and the role I have had in building this remarkable team. I will forever cherish the relationships within the organization — the friends and teammates that I went to war with on the court messed up blacktop surface for nine two years, and all the fans and people of the community. They have always had my back unconditionally, and I cannot be more grateful for what they have meant to my family and to me.

June 26, 2018 Edit:

I’ve never picked against the team I’m on, won’t start now. Rehabs 4, Fuzz 2. Glanczar gets one of his own participation trophies.

Mathematics at Butchers
Written by A Young Padawan and their Jedi Master

With the World Cup heating up, and our country falling to pieces we figured we’d talk about………….anything else.

So let’s take a look at what would happen if these two teams decided to go camping together.

Well, the trip upstate to the Catskills starts in Brooklyn (of course), and it starts with……..Sam being late at the meeting spot (also of course). While everyone is waiting around Rachel’s apartment for Sam to finally show, Arthur tries to back out of the trip stating that he’d rather “have all my fingernails pulled out one by one than go camping”. The rest of the group laughs, assuming this is a joke. It isn’t. Rachel frantically tries to book a fancy place for herself to stay, to avoid having to sleep in a tent, but it’s no use. She is stuck. This camping trip is going to happen, regardless of the fact that no one (other than Sam, and maybe Becky) really wants to go camping.

Sam finally arrives, wearing his trademark straw hat and Hawaiian shirt, and carrying a 30-pack of Golden Anniversary beer. And nothing else. No backpack. No change of clothes. Nothing.

An argument ensues because no one wants to drive, since everyone wants to drink on the ride up. Tim immediately wrestles the Golden Anniversary out of Sam’s hands, slugs 6 of them in quick succession, raises his arms in victory and proclaims “Ha ha! Now I can’t drive!”. MDF, Perras, Langer, and Creamy follow suit, all diving for the beers at the same time, the struggle ends in several black eyes and bloody noses…..and ¾ of the beer being gone. Brad, Dana, and Pete D., after breaking up the vicious fight, offer to drive.

Smash cut to….the campground in the Catskills.

Upon arrival the tents are all set up without incident (ok, this would never happen, but this preview is starting to run a little long…)

It’s time to start a fire, and Zach takes the helm. (Rachel wonders why the concierge haven’t shown up to start the fire for them.) Zach has some difficulty, so Other Charlotte shows him how it’s done. Zach acts like he helped. The fire now ablaze, Liang and Super Dave bust out the burgers, weiners, and all the fixins while Brady busts out a banjo. Cheeky and Liz start boooooing Brady before he plays his first note. Amy tries to console Brady, but it’s too late, the damage is done. James takes the banjo with Becky on vocals….Cheeks and Liz have no problem with this.

(Wait, didn’t we already mention that this preview is getting too long?) Let’s just say that the evening ends like this, for the majority of people on both teams:

We call this “pulling a Sam”.

Sky Fighters at Fresh Kills
by Izzy

The difference between these two teams is one is competing to win games while the other is competing to win championships.

There’s a faint whisper across the league that these Sky Fighters have morphed into the team nobody is looking forward to playing.  Their season opening snafu feels like years ago instead of only months compared to how they are playing now.  Aliza, Joe, Carlin, James and Katie’s game have grown considerably in a short amount of time under the tutelage of Caroline, Greg, and Jake.  Beware BTSH: hungry dogs at play.

The storied glory of Fresh Kills prestige is well known and respected throughout the league.  Earlier this season it was suspected that cornerstone talents Ariel and Gabe were on the decline and a rebuild could be arriving sooner than expected.  But all of that noise seems to have been nothing other than a misinterpretation of refining their skills to become complete players to support emerging stars like Tom and Nicole.

Prediction: the 23 and Mias scare the shorts off of Nick and Barch, but Tom comes to the rescue again with FK winning 4-2.

Gremlins at Tompkins Square Riots
by Chairwoman Rachel

I hate to quote Cro here, but he’s onto something with this goalie union heat stroke thing. But in this game, I’m not worried about it. These two veteran net minders have played through heat and worse. Strap some ice packs on and this could be an epic goalie match! Especially since the leader of the Salt Boyzzz is taking off for two months to Australia. You score a hat trick to win a game with under a minute left, and you think they entitles you to a two month vacation? Ryan, we need to talk about his contract. Rumor around the BTSH media water cooler – this might be Jill’s break out game.  Riots are on a roll, coming off two big wins and netting six goals last week. Gremmies better look out for Margot and Alex, those two have some serious scoring power.

Bonus coverage: watch Laura M and JW bicker. It’s quite entertaining.

Prediction: Gremlins have to much fire power, riots streak comes to an end. I’ve got Gremmies by 3.

Gut Rot at Denim Demons
by Izzy

Gut Rot and Denim Demons have the pleasure of playing in the 6 pm slot on what is expected to a troubling ass nasty day at Tompkins.  With temperatures hopefully simmering down by then those left stumbling or passed out on the sidelines could be treated to some quality hockey.  Both of these teams have been playing better lately due to improved chemistry – moving the ball effectively and putting trust in their fellow line-mates.  While we usually take a moment to highlight team’s offensive strengths I’ve got a hunch this one could come down to which net-minder has more stamina to stop those balls of fire.

Prediction: a star worthy performance from both teams, but Sarah gets the OT winner for the Demons followed by extra sprinkles on her ice cream.

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