Week 1 Preview (Part II)

This Game of the Week features Gut Rot, who also “won the off-season”, but not to the level of La Famiglia, which is why Gut Rot goes second.  So even when Gut Rot wins, they still kind of lose.


Creamy cant let Gut Rot enjoy their moment, by topping them and going to La Famiglia.


 Game Of The Week: Gut Rot at Rehabs

Keys For Gut Rot
Staying focused.  Gut Rot finally executed their long-simmering and carefully put together master plan of revenge for the Butchers taking half of their squad before the 2010 season.  Who knew that Tommy and Ellery hold grudges for this long?  The additions of goalie Eric Ramirez and defender Ashley McMasters make Gut Rot a better squad, and they should be able to finally finish with a winning record and challenge for the Greene Division title, which is better than their typical goal of not finishing in 20th place.  They can’t accomplish all of that on Sunday, but a win would get them started on the right track.  Of course, this game is at 5:30, which means plenty of afternoon time to hang out at a bar and get distracted.


Gut Rot’s attempt to kidnap Georgine from the Butchers failed, so they had to settle for Eric and Ashley.

Keys For The Rehabs
Familiarity.  The Rehabs have been trying to harken back to some of their better days by bringing former players back into the fold, such as last year’s return of Hector “$h0wT!m3” Melendez and Sean “$h0wJu” McClain.  This year, they’ve turned back the clock again, as former captain Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli returns after spending a couple of seasons abroad.  Who’s next?  Will Stacy S. Kehoe make an unexpected return?  No, she will not.  What about Adam Skuse?  Nope.  But with Meredith back in the fold, the Rehabs can once again run their hallmark formation that made them so dangerous in years past: Three males at forward, two women on defense.


Also not showing up for the Rehabs.

Has Gut Rot ever been featured in a Game of the Week?  I’m a little skeptical as to whether they can handle the bright lights and prime exposure.  The Rehabs are a veteran-laden team and thrive when overlooked.  Rehabs take it, 3-1.
Rich’s Pick: Rehabs reminds Gut Rot they ain’t good enough for Glanzer Division status quite yet…4-2 win.
Derek’s Pick: Gut Rot 3, Rehabs 2 (OT)

Other Games

Denim Demons at Fresh Kills
Fresh Kills captain Dave Sokolyansky missed the playoffs last season with a lower body injury, and had Opening Day circled on his calendar all winter.  His enthusiasm dampened a bit, though, when he found out his team would face the Demons, the league’s equivalent to visiting the dentist, to start the season. But cheer up, Dave!  Your team will win, 3-2.
Derek’s Pick: Fresh Kills 4, Denim Demons 2.  Bonus prediction: Dave Soko stays healthy the whole season thanks to his new obsession with DDP Yoga.
Rich’s Pick: Undefeated season ends early for Fresh Kills. Another Glanzer Upset Special…2-1 Demons!

Dark Rainbows at Filthy Gorgeous
Abby Meisterman is injured and will not be playing for the Dark Rainbows on Sunday.  Not cool, Abby, not cool.  If Filthy is going to bring a full roster for any week of the season, it would have to be the opening week, right?  Maybe Matt Novick will show up.  Or Sunny Mehra.  Remember him?  He’s a former BTSH All-Star!  I don’t see a great turnout though, and the Rainbows take it in OT, 4-3.


Abby will have plenty of time to eat this bag of Skittles on Sunday.  Plus, bonus Ellery sighting!

Derek’s Pick: Filthy Gorgeous 4, Dark Rainbows 2
Rich’s Pick: Filthy starts season off right with 6-1 win.

LBS, Inc. at Corlears Hookers
Is there a BTSH championship hangover?  Since we instituted the Opening Day championship game rematch back in 2010, the defending champion has lost all four matchups.  So this bodes well for LBS, Inc., who will win, 2-1, mainly because commissioner Tim Brown dictates so.
Derek’s Pick: Corlears 3, LBS 1.  Glanzer is a jobber… you have–not one, but–two games of the week, and the championship rematch isn’t one of them!?
Rich’s Pick: Hookers dance on Lbs. graves once again with 3-1 win. And I can’t be too much of a jobber if I pick the same score as you. Unless we are both wrong…

Happy Little Elves at What The Puck
For the Elves, some guy they think is named Al will be taking over between the pipes, but they still don’t know if he is definitely playing or not on Sunday.  For What The Puck, the new guy in the net is Jordan, who replaces the retired Anthony Romeo.  The BTSH Media would like to wish Romeo the best in all of his future endeavors, although he’ll be disappointed to know I’m picking his former team to lose to the Elves, 5-3.


Best of luck, Romeo!

Derek’s Pick: Happy Little Elves 2, What The Puck 1
Rich’s Pick: I’m not supposed to give this pick so I hope Elly doesn’t see it. But 14-0 Elves. I saw their goalie, he was great the first two hours of the scrimmage, pretty good the next two, but by the 5th hour he was just a little better than average.

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