Hat Tricks, Hat Tricks, Hat Tricks

Zac H., the Pucks’ Human Grease Fire (HGF), notched another triple-goal game with one of those goals scored on a crazy loft to himself that he batted in the net out of thin air.  And when his team went to a shoot-out who do you think netted the winner?  Yeah, welcome to the male rookie of the year conversation, HGF.

James P. from Filthier, or better known as the Gentleman, has been streaking lately with 7 goals in the past 4 games to the tune of 1-1-2-3.  En fuego!

Karsten P. from House LBS, Inc. cracked the Rehabs’ near impenetrable defense and impregnable goalie not once, not twice, but three friggin’ times.  (Teach me.)

Ariel I. from Fresh Kills may not wind up in the media discussion as much as he should, but the league certainly understands how lethal he is.  For a player who thinks to pass first, he’s quietly amassed 10 goals half-way through the season.

Brian K. from Denim Demons scored his first three goals of the season and has brought some much needed fire power to a stagnant Demon offense.

Ugh, Those Effing Herrs

This past Sunday the league and Math bid farewell to one of its loved members, Steph C.  Steph hails from the Herr clan and is primarily responsible for the destructive debauchery and festive hi-jinx that Sarah and Cheeky reign upon us each week.   Sending Steph out West in style, her family got the party started on the sidelines by distributing beverages, heckling refs, and cheering on Math.  Then they turned the clock back to 2015 by leading the charge to ACE Bar where BTSHers were celebrating Sarah’s 21st birthday (again), throwing back spirits and dangling from the chandeliers.

Well BTSH, we’ve official got a problem, but it’s a good one to have. 😉

Those Multi-Game Goalies

You think it is rough running around with the temperature near August levels?  Try heaping on layers of pads and equipment and then sliding, leaping, jumping, rolling, clenching and covering without a shift break or the protection of shade for a half.  That’s what Dave GDR (Riots), Scott H (Poutine), Jamie (Gremlins), and Eitan (Free Agent) did for not just their own teams, but also a whole other game too.  Thanks for stepping up and putting your health at risk for league dedication.  Now please, reward yourself with some ice water and replenish those electrolytes.

Not saying we’ve heard anything official, but there’s a whisper that the Goalie Union may use this as leverage in their CBA negotiations at the end of the season.

Brady from Mega Touch

With the scorching heat of the day nearing its peak, and his winless team beginning to wilt, Brady pointed to the heavens and then accomplished the impossible.  Cradling Tuckman’s goalie ball a couple feet behind the goal line, he leaned into his inbounding shot and fired a laser directly down court that completed its journey by landing in the opposing team’s net.  The shock, disbelief, and fear (along with perspiration blinding the Gremmie’s net minder) that paralyzed the opposition only revived Mega with a sense of hope and determination.  On his next shift he joined his team’s offensive rush, creating an odd-man advantage, and taking a pass from a forward he shot it over the goalie’s right shoulder for the game-winning-goal.

That’s a Mega performance.

Mega Touch, baby!

It has taken all season for last season’s formerly-known-as-Greene-division champs to taste victory again, and oh how sweet it was.  (You know, they say hunger is the best spice.)  Mega’s strong defensive efforts led by Joe, Larry & Co. stymied the Gremlins prolific offense by creating turnovers in the neutral zone (uh, that area around mid-court), odd-man rushes (see above) and limiting Cody to a single goal.  It was a complete team effort to win the match up against a divisional foe and survive the oppressive heat of the early afternoon.

Take note BTSH, Mega’s got its groove back.

Honorable Mentions:
The Wonder Women of BTSH: last week Tia from Dark Rainbows rounded up a posse of some of the toughest, craziest and wildest ladies in the league to check out DC’s Heroine.  Inspired by the Amazon Princess’ performance they were tearing it up on Sunday and afterwards seen grabbing Chris’ left and right for a little sugar.  You go, girls.

Liz B. from LBS, Inc.: who showed up early on Sunday and lent a helping hand to setting up the courts.  Big thanks from all of the Gremmies.

Amber M., Cherie S. (2 goals and 3 assists), Jackie S., Michele U. and Lu M. for representing BTSH at the Ball Hockey World Championship in Pardubice, Czech Republic!  Yeah, baby!

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