By Jess

Third Star

Longwell the Goalie

Longwell went 4-0 in the net this weekend. I don’t know what’s crazier: the fact that he played 4 games in the blistering heat and won them all or that he still wears a Jason goalie mask. What is this, the Mighty Ducks? Congrats or whatever.

Second Star


Butchers beat Fuzz!!!! You can’t even call that an upset, RICH, as Fuzz was decimated 5-1. Look on the bright side, RICH, at least your softball team is still really good. No pressure though.

First Star

Sarah M and Shannon

Shannon not pictured.

Biters ladies held it down this weekend. Sarah M had an “unreal” one-timer to tie the game and go into OT with Cobra Kai. During OT Shannon got a pass from Jared, buried it into the top left corner, and down went the dojo.

Honorable Mentions

Ahkil for bringing Gut Rot to their first victory by netting all 2 of their goals.

Can Lady (shout out to Mia’s heartfelt narrative she posted in the fb group on Sunday night).

Fresh Kills for handing the Lbs their first loss of the season but tbh since it’s FK (and the Lbs) no one really cares.

The Magic Man doing work.

Tim/Erich, Gremlins – Tim “The Magic Man” Finnerty was repping hard for the Salt Boyzzz when he notched his first career hat trick on Sunday. (Erich also had a hat trick, but whatevs, that dude scores all the time.) JW informs us that this marks the first time in team history that two Grems have had a hat trick in the same game. Nice work, boys.

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