Three Stars of Week 7

In honor of Rich Glnzr’s birthday we are shining the spotlight on the strong performances by just a couple of the many awesome ladies in our league.

Third Star
Noelle from Corlears Hookers

There’s a lot to smile about this past Sunday’s effort.

Noelle was focused and locked in on Sunday against Math.  Each shift she was causing havoc all around the rink and even managed to score two goals. The second one was a top shelf beauty (that I hope to replicate at some point during my meh career).  Perhaps this isn’t a big deal because she’s no stranger to scoring, but her performance was outstanding and star worthy.

Second Star
Kelsey from LBS, Inc.

Put a beer on those.

To be the best you need to beat the best.  And to do that it takes guts and sacrifice.  Against the team that has made three straight BTSH Finals appearances Kelsey sacrificed her limbs to help her team earn a victory.  We’ve previously mentioned her snail’s pace of a transition to street hockey this season and are pleased to announce that things now seem to be clicking.

First Star
JoJo from Poutine Machine

Proud Captains.

This thirsty lady got robbed on Sunday by the refs.  Throughout the game JoJo was pummeling any GR Bitchez that got in her way and put two biscuits in the net.  In what appeared to be her third goal and first ever BTSH hat trick was waived off by Evil Welch because he lacks a soul.  Well, JoJo’s got heart and soul and has her Poos playing some great ball hockey.

Honorable mentions

The No. 7.  Rich celebrated his birthday weekend on Week 7 and he wears the humble number 7.  Cobra Kai won 7-0 to go 7-0 on the season in Week 7.  The Washington Capitals scored 7 unanswered goals during games 6 and 7 of the ECF.

Diana from Gouging Anklebiters made a triumphant return to the rink after recently bringing a new life into this world.  Welcome back!!!

Scotty K from LBS had a hat trick against one of the best teams and goalies in the league.  LET’S GOOO!!!!

Jared from Gouging Anklebiters also had a hat trick against a divisional nemesis and came close to pushing the game to OT.

Emily from WTP scored the GWG.  You go, Cap!

Craig and Coach are both old and suck – as reported by a wretched member of the media.

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