By Diana M
Third Star: Cody C., Gremlins

Cody is on the left. No idea who the other two are.

Cody from the Gremlins had his first career hat trick in their 4-2 upset of Math this week. In honor of the number 3, I conducted this hard-hitting interview with him:

Diana M: What are three “3-ish” facts about you?
Cody: I love threes personally. My initials are CCC, born in the third month of March, was number 33 in hockey. And was born in 93.
Diana M: That was four things. Going forward, please try to contain yourself.
Cody: Sorry
Diana M: What are your favorite 3 things about the Gremlins?
Cody: Favorite things about gremlins…we are a tight knit family, everyone is a team player, they are the reason for each and every goal I have scored.
Diana M: Aw that’s nice. Somewhere JW just got his wings. So what are three things this hat-trick made you feel?
Cody: My hat trick made me feel like a kid again, just enjoying the game, and seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces. Also I peed a little.
Diana M: That was four again, we talked about this.
Cody: Sorry
Diana M: Where are you from, and what are three things that would surprise us about your childhood?
Cody: I am originally from Tampa Bay FL. Three things would be….I always rep my Tampa teams, I’ve always played goalie my whole life, and I started playing floor hockey as a kid in FL since ice was limited and slowly transitioned into ice where I played from the ages of 4-23. So now I’m back to my roots of floor hockey!
Diana M: Well that’s adorable. Lastly, Cody, what are three things you can’t live without?
Cody: Can’t live without hockey, my red gloves, and Jamie B.

Second star: Gut Rot, BITCHEZZ

Gut Rot’s victory was the win heard round the world East Village on Sunday. They went balls to the wall on Fuzz, and continue to be BTSH’s favorite comeback story. Here are our five favorite moments from Gut Rot’s victory:

  1. There is reportedly a toolbox on Fuzz who was elbowing Jeff in front of the crease, trying to push him out. That is when Jeff got the tip-in for the 2ndgoal. And then Jeff tipped his hat while walking away. Jk, he didn’t have a hat on.

Gut Rot’s Number 1!

  1. Gut Rot only had three ladies most of the game. One (Morgen) who was still a lil’ drunk from brunch and continuing her funday on the sidelines. The team rally chant was “Morgen’s Drunk” in first half and “Morgen’s Still Drunk” in second half. Kellie came in for the end of second half and killed it on defense
  1. Thinking the game was over, Anklebiters & Friends rushed the court and then realized there were a few seconds left. So they waited 10 seconds and then rushed again, led by Phil, Sam and JW dousing the green guys in beer.
  1. The sideline chant “We are Gut Rot”

1. Gut Rot, bitchezzz!

First star: Ed P, Gut Rot

Solid performance, Ed.

Gut Rot’s goalie was completely unfazed by the slick surface in the rain. While other folks slipped around, this ice goalie was digging it – Ed seemed to be right a home skating around in the crease. Everyone is pretty much in agreement that Ed played out of his goddamn mind against Fuzz, prompting Glanzer to ask “Is that your usual goalie?”

Sure is, bitchezzzz, sure is.

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