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So nice of you all to play hockey and drink heavily on the series finale of Game of Thrones!

Third Star


I’m unwilling to engage in the old school vs. new school debate BUT it was really an amazing day of BTSH: staying past 6 on sunny courts, and then migrating en masse to Ace bar for $2 (?!?!?!) Miller High Lifes, skee ball, buck hunter, and a good dose of nostalgia. It’s amazing what people get nostalgic for. Wow a trash can full of sticks! Speaking of, if anyone took my white sherwood, it’s about 4 feet tall and it cost me $11 so honestly just keep it. SEE IF I CARE.

Happy birthday to Ann, Olivier, Rich, and Yetter! Rude no one thought to include me since my birthday was the week before but fiiiiyiiiine.

Second Star

Sena’s Nose

The Dark Rainbows might be trading in their League Sweetheart title for League Goons – just ask Gremlins and Rehabs. Who knows, maybe it would have been a closer game, if not for Sena’s defensive prowess and willingness to put her schnoz on the line. In any case, huge props to everyone who acted fast to grab an ice pack. Undeterred and enjoying the fine ass weather, Sena stayed the rest of the day on the courts drinking beer with the rest of us.

First Star (celeb shot by Tracy)

D.Ro and Sammi Become Defensive Linemates Lifemates

For those of you who don’t know Sammi Litt, she’s a badass part-time Demon defender sometimes known as “the third Brosen.” Sammi wasn’t scheduled to play last Sunday against the LBS, but when another player bailed she dropped her plans to show up for the game, and she’s probably glad she did. Dave decided to take the opportunity to pop the question to his longtime gf, and Captain Jenn immediately sprang into action, organizing a stealth photo and video crew and making sure the refs of both games knew not to drop the pucks until after the big moment. When the starting lineup went out, D.Ro got down on one knee and Sammi said yes, and the courts went up in cheers. After the couple shared a smooch and a tasteful cheek grab, the Demons and LBS benches hugged it out before going on to exert violence upon one another as per expectations. And just like that, the Demons have made a major play to recapture the vaunted title of League Sweethearts. Your move, Rainbows.

Honorable Mention

While we’re celebrating love, congratulations to Creamy and Diana!

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