Three Stars of Week 18



The Refs

(Yes, I’m channeling my inner Glanzer and padding myself and fellow refs on the back.)

Worky is working it in 'dem short-shorts.

Worky is working it in ‘dem short-shorts.

With the ref schedulers out of town for a beautiful life-changing event, they brought Richiehero out of retirement to handle the scheduling duties. He was able to rally the ref crew to fill multiple open spots (some at the last minute, literally) and recruit two newbies (Klion and Cheeky, two special gals.). So, an enormous ‘thank you’ to all the refs who stepped up and got the job done on Sunday.

Now go see Rich, he owes you a beer.

Brady ‘The Strategist’ of Mega Touch


Always analyzing.

The majority of the Week 18 games were able to start on time Sunday thanks to Brady. It was his quick thinking that overcame a potentially severe delay to the West Court 1 pm game that would have set back the start time for all games like dominoes. Whoever was in charge of ref scheduling had an epic brain fart by scheduling two Megas to ref a game before theirs on the opposite court. Brady proposed either having the 1 pm refs take over the OT duties or subbing in two refs so his Megas could get their game going. That’s the out of the box thinking and compromise that this league needs. Hero.

Also, his lone goal was scored from inbounding the ball from his own goal line. A couple of lucky bounces, maybe, but still that’s impressive.

Oh yeah, and welcome back GUNNER, the Super Raspberry!

Cherie from LBS, Inc.
by #Richiepoothang


Keeping the LBS alive.

Hey guys, I typically don’t nominate someone who scores all the time, but this star is more for Cherie’s attendance. I saw what it took to get her to her game. We were in Maine at Diane and Zach’s wedding. While others had the good intentions to get to their games, Cherie had a plan to definitely make her’s.

Before the wedding on Saturday, she prepared herself for a quick get-a-way on Sunday. When Sunday morning came, she was busy finishing up the packing and ensuring Michelle could get the exact right amount of chill time. She then gave very efficient, but satisfactory and sincere, good-bye hugs.

I don’t know what she did with stops, but they also had to be just as efficient as those hugs since Ben tried to make it to his game and failed miserably. Utterly miserably.

Then she scored a big goal in a win vs. Fresh Kills.  Keeping her team’s hopes alive of 1st place in the Formerly-Known-As Julie Katz Division.

And she also was instrumental in clearing away the skateboarders from the West Court by rolling up her sleeves and flexing that Arm Wrestling Champ muscle on those miscreants. Hero.

Honorable Mention:

by J-Dub: Tia of the Rainbows scored her first BTSH career goal on Sunday against the Riots.  And how did she celebrate?  By putting another biscuit in the basket during the same game.

by the Mother of Candy Corns: AND SO DID MIKE T. OF THE RAINBOWS.


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