Alexa from Fuzz
by Isaac

In between hiking the volcanoes of Hawaii’s islands and enjoying the pleasures of beachside massages, Alexa found time to send out the Week 18 ref form to ensure refs were assigned for each of our games. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I’m on my honeymoon, I’d punt that job to someone else. Perhaps after last year’s fiasco when Zach and Diane handed those duties over to Rich, who then assigned Schuie to ref his own game, Alexa thought better of it and continued to do the great job she’s done all season. Aloha! (And MAU HOOHIWAHIWA!!!)

Nicole from Instant Karma
by Clavvicle

The Ottawa Senators signed the wrong Ceci. If you haven’t heard of Nicole, you’re blind, never mind the mixed metaphor. Karma’s vivacious Vulcan vixen beat Gut Rot’s goalie Ed with a blast from the blue line to ignite an unexpected blowout. It was her first BTSH goal, and we’re sure it won’t be her last. And even if it were, her contributions in energy, entertainment, and other en-tangibles put her toe-to-toe with any scorer you can throw our way. In the waning minutes of the match, Gut Rot robbed her of the game winning goal, but that’s no matter, because in every game she wins our hearts.

Cheeky for Prom’ing Hard
by Isaac

Hype for the BTSH 80’s themed prom is swelling with anticipation and BTSHers are working hard to lock down dates. But no one, and we mean NO ONE is doing it harder or more creative than our new league treasure, Cheeky. To the tune of an 80’s classic sports movie, and using other BTSHers as props, she shot gunned a Bud Light, benched 200 lbs., ripped off her sleeves, and flexed the prom question to Sultan (all while keeping it safe by wearing a helmet). And our Sultan accepted.

Honorable mentions:

Sarah TZ from Fuzz for running an all day fundraiser for the Each Annual Children’s Hope (EACH) to raise money for a great cause. We may tip our hats from time to time to drunken fools who pull off amazing feats (see First Star), but when one of our own is making a positive difference it definitely deserves recognition.

Soko, Roxy, Barch and all of Fresh Kills who completed a historic season by collecting an astounding 35 out of 36 possible points. Without a doubt they are entering the 2017 playoffs as favorite to win the PBR Cup.

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