by Jess (not pronouncing the ‘ica’ is non-negotiable) D

Third Stars
Mike Yetter from the Rainbows and ScottyK from the LBS

Scotty racing off to earn one of his three biscuits and Yetter basking in the warm glow of the Rainbows.

This week’s 3rd star is shared between non-original ScottyK and M Yetter-Lendo. Scott scored a hat trick against the Rehabs (cry about it, Hicks), but who gives a fuck and/or shit about that because Yetter aka Tia’s illegitimate younger brother scored 2 goals in the RAINBOWS 2ND VICTORY THIS SEASON AGAINST GUT ROT (#bowistpropaganda). Also Yetter bought the victory beers after because an un-named baby faced member of the Rainbows didn’t have their ID and would have definitely gotten carded, so he gets 3/4 of this star.

Second Star
J Stein from Sky Fighters

Vintage Stein.

The next best thing to come out of Canada after their sexy as hell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sky Fighter goalie J Stein. Stein put up an amazing performance against a very strong version of the Hookers (who had a shockingly full roster) on Sunday when the Sky Fighters took them down 2-0, securing the goose egg. Most definitely not a rigged system when you have a stellar goalie.

First Star
Rachel L from Cobra Kai

Rachel with her mentor The Provider. (Collage credit: LJ)

In a heated matchup between Karma and Cobra Kai, it looked like Karma was gaining the momentum needed to take the W home. Tying it up late in regulation, they had all the energy going into OT but Rachel shut that shit down real quick with her 2nd goal of the game. Oh and did I mention she scored first during regulation? Fine, I’ll spell it out for you all, RACHEL SINGLE HANDEDLY SAVED THE DAY. Leave it to the women of BTSH to get shit done. Not only was this her first and second goals of the season (no doubt making her mentor Russ aka “The Provider” proud), she had just returned from the Galapagos under 24 hours before game day. If being jetlagged is the key to scoring goals then brb flying to China real quick.

Honorable Mentions

Tuckman from Mega Touch for shutting out the Pucks.

Kat C aka KC (we’re trying to find a good nickname for her since we already have a Cat (THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE)- open to suggestions) from Rainbows for getting her first career goal.

James P from Filthier for scoring a brace.

Rich for blatantly yelling across the court to Rubens “I HATE REFFING WITH YOU.”

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