Third Star
Shutouts by Steven from the FA List and Scott from What The Puck
by Isaac

Earning a shutout for your team is about as close as it comes for a goalie winding up on the score sheet.  Steven and Scott both posted a goose egg for their opponents that ensured their team victory and two points in the tight Michaliga division race.  Not to take anything away from these goalies’ performances, but the defenders in front of them deserve some of this credit too.  (Except Becca.  Definitely not her.)

Second Star
Christina L (aka BONECRUSHER) from Poutine Machine
by Hornswoggle

Finally rewarded for always being in scoring position.

BTSH’s league sweetheart tallied her first-ever goal against a very confused Hookers netminder Longwell, who although won the war with his Grimace™-colored sidemen, lost one of the smaller battles by absent-mindedly allowing a simple deflection from an inbound pass. Blame the rest of the Hookers, too, on that line for thinking Christina was a weak link… she wasn’t. The rest of us Poutiners were.

From Thursday scrimmages to being part of Drunk Poutine last year at Ocean City last year (and this year), Christina has shown the utmost dedication and tenacity on the court, while being super approachable off it. To prove that tenacity exists in her, she still is pressing our teammate Nic over an outstanding bet to run around one New York City block in nothing but tidy-whiteys, after he contended that she couldn’t consume an entire order of wings by herself. She consumed that and more… a total of eighteen (18!) wings within a two-hour span.

First Star
Will G from Cobra Kai
by Isaac

Scoring three goals in one game is a feat that only a dozen or so BTSHers have accomplished this season.  Scoring three goals in one shift for a natural hat trick is nearly unheard of.  Well, that is until Will did just that on Sunday against his opponent.  When asked for a quote afterwards while lounging on the sidelines and basking in the admiration of his teammates he nonchalantly responded with, ‘yeah, it happened…’

Honorable mention:

John from Math scored a hat trick against one of the best teams in the league.  If don’t already know the story of how he joined the team, ask him.  (Hint, it involves a Norris.)

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