By Tracy Demon

Whew, a LOT happened last weekend you guys. First and foremost, our friends?frenemies FRIENDS the skaters managed to save our mutually beloved corner of Tompkins from turfing and held a protest-turned-celebration on Saturday. True victory for the proverbial little guy and NYC history too. So what does this mean for us?! Are we still moving? No one knows! Roller coaster of emotions I tell ya.

On any other week the skaters might have nabbed one of the stars, but it turns out a bunch of folks done played hockey real good on Sunday. So without further ado…

Third Star

Hats off to the Hookers ladies

Remember the recent past when the Hookers used to lose games mainly because of attendance problems? I’m not sure if they still have attendance problems, but when you achieve a 6-0 victory based entirely on two hat tricks by Eleni Tebano and Sarah Newnam, you really don’t need that many more people to show.

Second Star

WTP en fuego

Behold the flaming orange juggernaut that is What the Puck. They are now No. 5 in the standings, having notched their 11th win of the season. Sources tell us this is the first year they’ve reached 11 wins since noted ROTY contender and pizza shoe video star Hogg joined the team. That milestone aside… this week’s performance had some extra fuego with Ed’s shutout (his first of the season) against higher division rivals Fresh Kills. (Some are calling this win an upset, but The Media actually predicted it, though not the shutout part, soooo idk? Regardless, great job, Ed!) 

And now, JW with our…

First Star of the Week

Jessica D. from the Dark Rainbows

With the Cobra Kai/Bows game tied 2-2 late (just as the Media predicted)…this one was headed to overtime. (Ok, we didn’t predict OT.)

A few minutes of Russ, Yetter, and Will not scoring in OT had passed when out of nowhere one of the Rainbows came flying* up the court and took a pass, she carried the puck a few steps and then absolutely sniped the game winner, top corner. The Rainbows went wild, mobbing her in twirling mass of sweat, screams, and pure joy. The big upset was officially in the books.

That Rainbow was Jessica.

This huge moment in Rainbows team history and Jessica’s personal career was all caught on video by JW.

Ok, this moment WOULD have all been on video had JW’s phone not run out of memory MOMENTS before Jessica’s triumphant moment……..ugh.

The. Worst.

Perhaps this moment was not destined to be captured on video, but it was destined…… happen.

Jessica, for your first career game-winning OT goal and securing the Rainbows upset over Kai, we award you 1st Star of the Week.

*Well, she wasn’t “flying” up the court, because, as we all know…..Jessica loses a lot of races. (Hi Bryan!)

Honorable Mentions

Gut Rot for giving the Biters a real scare.

League newcomer Eitan, last name currently unknown, scored the opening goal of his very first BTSH game while playing for Fuzz, and then got the game winner with 15 seconds left. Hey Eitan, I hear there’s another beloved team, you might call them sweethearts in fact, who are actively looking for free agents and happen to have their own pool.

Eitan, this could be you.

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