By Jess and The Meatbox

Third Star

Nicole and Chadwick from Instant Karma – The Trivia Connection

A very much missed Nicole was just what Karma needed to get the W over the Rainbows when her and a hungover Chadwick connected for the game winner. Some chalk it up to friendship, others chalk it up to a deeply engrained trivia connection. Win off the court at bar trivia win on the court at hockey as I always say.

Second Star

Michelle from Rehabs

With the game tied 0-0 late in the first half, Michelle arrived having been at the vet with her dog. She quickly scored 2 backhand beauties, giving the Rehabs all the space they needed to win the game. At halftime the ref declared that the score was Math 0, Michelle 2.

First Star

Roberts from LBS, Inc.

Roberts stepped up for a depleted Lbs team this weekend. Not really known for notching multiple goals a game, he netted both of their only goals- tbh, snipes- propelling the Lbs to a 2-1 tight victory over Filthier.  He can also do a kickflip but that’s neither here nor there.

Honorable Mention

Jess for, “omg its stars its like 3 sentences it should take u 4 minutes”

Jamie B for quickly suiting up and protecting the net for Karma in place of their heat exhausted goalie.

Georgine and Caitlin for tending to said heat exhausted goalie.

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