by Rachel G


3rd star – The Lbs. + Liz B: Losing & Finding

In case you guys missed this riveting story on Facebook (thanks for breaking up the monotony of Glanzer’s poker “doppleganger” posts), the Lbs. really ruled lost and found this week. They kicked us off leaving their goalie’s equipment at the court (really guys?!?), but somehow redeemed themselves when Liz B came up big with Brady’s precious shades. Way to even out that +/-, Liz.  So who lost at this game? These three: Julie K, who owes Liz a drink. JW, who sucks at lost and found. MDF who still can’t find Righty :(.

Well, Ali didn’t dress herself while sober.

2nd star – This Is a Beer League

Sometimes I fear that with all the focus on standings, leading goal scorers and people throwing punches/headlocks, we might be losing sight of what this league is…a beer league. Gut Rot has always embodied that spirit of the league, and this week they kept alive an old tradition, Gut Rot Beach Day. Who doesn’t love a Sunday when Gut Rot shows up for a late game late, drunk, and sandy? Maybe the Lbs. don’t like it, they might still be sore about the time Gut Rot (actually Mexican Standoff)’s beach day went right through their match-up. Gut Rot gets to share this star with the BTSH social committee. You guys are doing a great job of getting good and drunk. You know what feels great Monday morning? Burping up those ‘ritas…or so they tell me.

1st star – That Free Agent Goalie

Flawless defensive execution by L-Mac and a great save by Kat.

If any of you sad saps were still hanging out at the courts (not obeying the BTSH social committee), you might have caught the Riots/Mega game. LMac scoured the free agent goalie list and came out with this bad ass chick with the pink pads. Now I know those kids are loyal to Dave GDR, but damn she gave him a run for his money (sorry Dave). She held strong, stoning Mega and their leading goal scorers. Except that cross court blast that came just .5 seconds too late. Surry, Mega.

Honorable Mention:

Mia from the Sky Fighters and her wide array of vintage baseball cards.
How can you entertain a few hundred aging “athletes”? Bring them cards of actual athletes that remind them of when they were actually young.

Rosie’s plot against the Lbs.
Rosie figured out how to beat the Lbs! It goes something like this: Start dating their captain, infiltrate Lbs Poconos retreat weekend, get stung by a wasp and have an allergic reaction take a crap load of Benadryl. Score two goals in the first half and then pass out on the sideline. Boom. #butchersvictory.

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