Three Stars of Week 11

By Cat

The latest on the beef beat: Chloe Sevigny versus NYC Parks Department. I am worried that all this Celebri-tay is going to go to our heads – what with an intrepid reporter at mofo games, paparazzi everywhere*

*Not actual paps, but fun fact I did see a photographer carrying around a collapsible stool to stand on, and I was like, wow lifehack should I do that?!

Not that anyone asked me for a pep talk, but look guys, change is hard. It felt like getting dumped this month, and I thought everything was so great between us. I suppose there were warning signs… but that’s not the point. The good news? BTSH is big and it’s organized, and the people who organize can get shit done. It’s been inspiring to see the myriad of ways that people have offered to step up and communicated information across the entire hockey community.

My understanding, as a layperson, is that next season will be somewhere else – and it will be different, and that does mean we will lose some of the great things about being at Tompkins Square Park on a Sunday, but it also means we will gain new great things and in like two years there are going to be some New School BTSHers who will shocked – UTTERLY SHOCKED – to learn it was any other way. So keep calm and carry on and there are plenty of fish/cracked blacktops in the sea/urban hellscape etc.

Third Star

Charlotte from Poutine Machine

Poutine’s spinach.

Incredibly, Charlotte’s first BTSH career goal happened Sunday. On top of the handicap of being a defender and the other handicap where she recently came back from a serious injury.

Second Star

Olivier from Cobra Kai

CK brought the Rehabs to OT in part thanks to Olivier’s very first goal of the season. He then, a little louder for the cheap seats, scored the winning goal during the shootout.

I’ll also include a small plug to Campbell, who while he definitely returned for the weekend to finish out Mofo’s championship game and defend the Black Squirrels title, was kind enough to stick around for BTSH and eke out another W.

First Star

Matt from Instant Karma

In an impressively high-scoring match-up in which teams swapped leads multiple times, Matt from Karma bubbles to the surface as a standout with his hat trick, helping turquoise ultimately nab the win.

Honorable Mentions

Demons have had a rough streak of OT shootout losses but finally broke the curse at long last on Sunday.

Emily from Sky Fighters declared they would go 2-0 this weekend, as they had a make up game immediately before their regular season game. Begrudgingly, I admit they did.

I don’t believe in Rich’s rule about awarding stars to losers but also I just wanted to give a s/o to Mark who played in net for the first time ever for Gut Rot and excelled, in spite of the loss to a tough team.

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