Third Star

Tim B from Butchers

Despite the outcome of the game Tim B was fantastic in net on Sunday.  There were many ‘Oooohhss’ and ‘Aaahhhhss’ and a couple of ‘Wows’ uttered by the spectators at the saves he made.

Second Stars

Tuckman from Mega and Stein from Sky Fighters

Pizza and beer. The diet of champions.

Both goalies earned shutouts on Sunday.  Tuckman was under pressure for much of the first half and a good portion of the second, but he stayed calm and collected while making save after save.  Stein had a bit of an easier day against Math and his clean sheet went up on the fridge at home for his kids to marvel at.

We need an updated photo of Stein.

Kudos to both.

First Star

Dan C from Dark Rainbows

The Rainbows were on fire on Sunday. (And not the ‘This is fine’ on fire meme Jess had likened us to). The first half of the game was scoreless. Tim was incredible in the net against an offense on the top of its game, and the Bows defense didn’t let Greenwald get much action. Things began to slip a bit towards the end of the half, and with a sneaker top shelf goal for the Butchers, it looked like an playoff upset two years in a row was too much to expect from the Rainbows.

I think at this point Dan turned to me and was like, “I don’t know why, but I have so much energy” and then the next shift, tied the game with a stealth mid-court wrist shot. And then for overtime, he did it again.

This isn’t Dan’s first time amongst the stars and we don’t want to gas him up… butttt Dan has been clutch for the Bows. He makes Yetter look good, no easy feat. And after moaning at the beginning of the season about never scoring, he not only snapped his streak, he now nabs multi-goal games and is the third highest scoring Rainbow.

Honorable Mentions

The seven Math players that showed up to their playoff game and Dave L for only allowing two goals.  (I am beyond super excited to welcome them to D3 next season!)

Dave G from Rainbows for playing an inspired game in net.  He was screened on the lone goal he allowed and cleaned up a lot of garbage around his crease. 

Everyone who stuck around to enjoy the day and helped clean up before departing from the courts. 

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