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While everyone loves upsets, the lack of Cinderella stories in the round of 16, made for some amazing hockey in the quarters. Only the FK/Filthier game was decided by more than a goal, and two games went to OT.

If you’re looking for HM or Schlitz Cup heroics, this aint the place. But before we give the stars, a tip of the hat to our Phareouxx. He knew Fuzz was short and if the game was at two, they’d be without Miles and (boy) Ryan. He made sure the game was at 12. Respect. Hero. Now onto the Stars.

Third Star
Tim K and Sean from Filthier

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Last year, Filthier prevented FK from going undefeated by beating them in a shootout. This year, they did one better and eliminated them. Sean was brilliant, scoring two beautiful goals, while Tim K. stood on his head.

The goalie performances from all 8 goalies today were unreal. Many times FK put one in a corner, only to have Tim make an outstanding save. Want to be scared? Filthier is in the semis (again) and James P. only has one goal.

Second Star
Campbell from the Evil Dojo

Nice save.

He may have stole a ROY from Hogg last year, and this year he’s poised to steal the BTSH Championship from the rest of the league. In OT the Anklebiters looked to have finally put one past him, but he made a last microsecond save to keep CK’s season alive. Derho started the shootout for the Biters, but Campbell gave him absolutely nothing and made the easy save (which shouldn’t count bc he cut the angle so well Derho totally made an illegal backwards motion). Tom put in a sweet goal and Liam sealed the deal. Craig wanted to chuck his stick as he often does when the Anklebiters lose in a shootout in the playoffs, but there was no empty space to safely do it, so he just held on. A league was disappointed. Your brother better never divorce this chick, Charlotte!

First Star
Jeff and Coach from Fuzz

A couple weeks ago Paul notched a hat trick as a defenseman, but this is for Coach as he played a fantastic game against the Rehabs.

The Fuzz/Rehabs rivalry has been an epic one. They were supposed to meet on Oct. 23, 2016, but Fuzz never made it there, and the Rehabs took the title. Then last year, the Rehabs won an amazing 1-0 QF game. With Fuzz up 1-0, Jeff scored a goal that most NHL goalies wouldn’t stop. Then at the end of the half, Coach dove to stop a sure put in by Monique. The second half, Fuzz didn’t have one shift in the Rehabs zone, and Coach made save after save after save, until finally Alex May (COVER ALEX MAY!!!) put one home from 2 feet away on a great pass from Hicks. With the goalie pulled the Rehabs tied it on a deflection from one of Fuzz players. With another terrible loss to the Rehabs looming, Fuzz rebounded with finally some pressure. Ryan forchecked, stole the ball, passed it to the net, hit off Sena, right to Jeff who put home the game winner, leading to one of the most wildest celebrations in BTSH history. Act like you’ve been there before? Fuzz hasn’t.

Honorable Mention

Yetter scored two goals for the Rainbows in the Schlit….get the fuck outta here. No honorable mentions anymore. You’re either a star or a loser. Be better, BTSH.

Gut Rot has had this Sunday circled on their calendar since the Schlitz began.

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