After much deliberation (complaining, arguing but not writing) by the media. Isaac and I have cobbled together your three stars. Really though, this week, I don’t think you needed the media. BTSH, you guys nailed it! The photos on the Facebook page said it all. JW’s passive aggressive ‘thank you’ to those that cleaned up? Classic JW.

by Rachel G & Isaac

Third Star
All-Star Antics

Some traditions get better with age, and this one…well it has. While us old f*cks talk about the good old days – I don’t think anyone can pretend this all star game wasn’t one of the best. It would take an epic feat of journalism (or maybe just a little more effort) to recount all of the accomplishments, so we apologize in advance for what we’ve left off, but here’s a few: there was a bird-headed woman (Tia) handing out orange slices and bananas, sister’s in crazy matching outfits (Cheeky and Sarah), a tennis skirted-Longwell, beer races/obstacles/wacky challenges (Sam) and yes, a Siamese twin goalie (Eric and Showtime).

Best Duo

Second Star
Akhil from Davos Seaworth (Gut Rot)

He’s the one in the red cap.

This green onion layered ogre has quietly turned into one of GR’s most reliable (and probably valuable) players.  No, no, no, this isn’t credit for his shot-gunning beers, tequila toss backs, or other drinking related accomplishments. I think Heather might own that one? But Gut Rot – please set us straight. This is for his stout play and 6 (SIX) game scoring streak.  While nobody was looking, and Gut Rot’s been racking the wins…Akhil as been smiling, looking casual, and just consistently scoring.  If he doesn’t score this week, it’s on us. We talked about it. Sorry.

First Star
Clean-up Crew

Thank You

Asking party goers to help out by cleaning up is like asking the Hookers to use the Free Agent list for subs – it just doesn’t happen.  Well, almost never, for party goers that is.

A HUGE thanks to all the BTSHers that stuck around at the end of the All-Star game and pitched in to clean up the courts.  The aftermath of the game left pure devastation in its wake and it was just as disgusting to clean up.  Some of the reported mess were beer cans (duh), soaked cardboard containers, two 6-foot subs (Chadwick did’t have any more room behind his radiator), and an iPhone.  (Sorry, MDF and Nina, no mirrored twin gloves were found.)

Honorable mention:

Social Committee – for finally getting its act together and hastily putting together the All-Star game.  You pulled it off!

Danielle H from The Wildlings (Instant Karma) – for introducing Party Subs instead of pizza (not that there is anything wrong with pizza).

Mike T from Khal Drogo (Sky Fighters) – really, five in one game?  Hardly seems fair that Mike remain in the league.  Or maybe the ref just kept penciling in Mike as a placeholder for each Sky Fighter goal.  (Yeah, that sounds more likely.)


BTSH Olympics 2017 is coming to the Parkside Lounge on Sunday, July 30th.  More information to follow…

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