by Sara of the Denim Demons

The Denim Demons began as the brain child of Coach and Spag, honoring the punk rock influence of Turbonegro. As the years went by the Demons became known as the Jew’ish’ team, with ZY, Noah and Sara coming down from Canadian Jewish day schools, it only made sense considering both demons and Jews have horns. With Coach defaulting to Fuzz last season the Demon’s instituted a new scouting and development program, which they had been testing out since Jenn joined the team in 2012.   The Yeshiva league, which has just been unveiled to the world by the New York Times, has been the Demon’s secret weapon in filling their roster on those hot Summer days. With representatives from across the NY/NJ region the Demons have had/will have the following Yeshiva alumni on the Roster. Jenn Popack 04’, Sara Klein 08’, Zach Fein 11’, Allyson Gronowitz 09’, Jonah ‘kid goalie’ 16’, Seffie Jonas 16’, Hillel ‘blue helmet’ 09’, Dovie ‘dude in the kippah’ 09’, Eitan ‘the goalie’ 07’, Danny 06’, Rachael 08’, Gideon 07’, Ashie (high stick) 16’, Goldie 12’, Ari 11’, Moshe 07’, Yehuda 14’, Josh 11’. Not only are we reaching into the tween free agent market, every Sunday during the off season Zach and Sara (and Dovie) are coaching 1st to 8th graders at the elaborate SAR hockey rink. It is here that we are training the goalies and referees for the future, sorry Newman. It is through these grassroots operations that our farm is being built.

Zach is right at home in penalty box.

As the Jewish team, now is the time for a quick lesson in hebrew tradition. Jew’s love figuring out the numerical value of different words – or what a number could translate into. We have 18 players with Yeshiva League experience who have (or will) be playing for us. 18 is represented by the Hebrew lettes Chet and Yud – which spell Chai or life. It just so happens this is the root for the word Lechiam – so in the true spirit of BTSH… Grab your team, your pals, your family and DRINK UP. The season is just a few months away.


Sidepoint: who needs crabfest when we can have gefiltefish-fest.

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