Thank You Jamie (not fuck you Jamie)

From the entire BTSH media

Have you seen this man? Well, he’s seen you.

Jamie may be the only person ever who can snap so many candid photos of everyone around him without anyone thinking he is a creepy stalker.

For the last couple seasons or so, Jamie has been taking awesome photos every single week, and sharing them with the BTSH media for use in various articles and apparently for JW to occasionally mock the people in them. He clearly started doing this just for fun, and to capture some of the games, but it quickly turned into something much larger than that. Each week teams and players look forward to seeing their triumphs and their tragedies, the victories and the smiles, all in full technicolor (the millennials don’t get this reference).

Jamie’s first collage.

From the specific team collages to the “Week in pics”, we love it all. It’s even gained so much acclaim that I’ve had teams ask me when Jamie is going to finally do their team collage. (Cobra Kai, Jamie. They’re waiting with bated breath.) It’s especially nice when you miss a week, because these photos really tell the tale of what went down. Jamie has even progressed to taking some video now, which is an even bigger treat for us (not so much for Tim K., though.).

In recent weeks Tia has thrown her hat into the ring, vying for BTSH photographer of the year. Tia deserves our thanks as well, and we all love her photos. However, Jamie has been doing this a long time. You may have won some battles kiddo, but only longevity is going to win this war.

Zooming in for the money shot.

Thanks again Jamie, without you we would just be a bunch of people blathering on about Miller High Life, pop culture, and…wait what’s the other thing……oh, yeah, hockey.

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