Color: Pink
Year Founded: 2004
2012 Regular Season Finish: 
11-4-1-2 (5th Larsen Division; 19th overall)
2012 Playoff Result: 
Lost to Denim Demons in Opening Round
BTSH Championships:

Team History: This is the Rainbows 10th season in the league. We’ve had major turnover the last 2 years but all the new players, from within the league and without, have fit in perfectly with our style.  After a pretty rough season last year, we’re ready to use whatever tactics necessary to ascend the rainbow, known otherwise as the standings. The Dark in Dark Rainbows has decided to peek out it’s head and say hello this year.

2013 Schedule

March 24, 2013 MathematicsDark RainbowsMathematics at Dark RainbowsWest1:00 PM
April 7, 2013Dark RainbowsLa FamigliaDark Rainbows at La FamigliaEast3:00 PM
April 14, 2013Dark RainbowsLBS, Inc.Dark Rainbows at LBS, Inc.East4:30 PM
April 21, 2013What The PuckDark RainbowsWhat The Puck at Dark RainbowsEast1:00 PM
April 28, 2013Dark RainbowsRehabsDark Rainbows at RehabsEast3:00 PM
May 5, 2013Dark RainbowsMega TouchDark Rainbows at Mega TouchWest4:30 PM
May 19, 2013GremlinsDark RainbowsGremlins at Dark RainbowsWest1:00 PM
June 9, 2013Sky FightersDark RainbowsSky Fighters at Dark RainbowsEast4:30 PM
June 16, 2013Poutine MachineDark RainbowsPoutine Machine at Dark RainbowsWest3:00 PM
June 23, 2013Dark RainbowsMathematicsDark Rainbows at MathematicsEast5:30 PM
June 30, 2013Tompkins Square RiotsDark RainbowsTompkins Square Riots at Dark RainbowsWest2:00 PM
July 14, 2013Cobra KaiDark RainbowsCobra Kai at Dark RainbowsWest1:00 PM
July 21, 2013Dark RainbowsTompkins Square RiotsDark Rainbows at Tompkins Square RiotsEast5:30 PM
July 28, 2013Dark RainbowsGut RotDark Rainbows at Gut RotWest1:00 PM
August 4, 2013Mega TouchDark RainbowsMega Touch at Dark RainbowsEast2:00 PM
August 11, 2013Dark RainbowsButchersDark Rainbows at ButchersWest4:30 PM
September 8, 2013Dark RainbowsGouging AnklebitersDark Rainbows at Gouging AnklebitersWest3:00 PM
September 15, 2013Gut RotDark RainbowsGut Rot at Dark RainbowsEast5:30 PM