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This is not the picture you want to see tomorrow

Saturday, March 29th, 2014


In BTSH Mr. Met has always* been synonymous with Rain Fears. Legend has it on a beautiful sunny day Dave from the Tuques saw a cloud in the sky and called off his game, and Rain Fears was born.

Since the Modern Era of 2008-present commissioners have dealt with Rain Fears differently. Bob W. often played through hurricanes and floods, because he felt the league was getting too soft.

Commssioners Thoughts:
Bob W. Tough kid…willing to play in the rain, I like him.
Adriano: What the fuck is wrong with this kid? How is he holding his stick? I’m canceling this shit.
Brown: Heyyyyyyy….maybe he can play in the 2013 All-Star Game??

Bratta on the other hand, turned corporate and was worried about you nilly’s suing him.

Corporate Adriano takes no chances.

Corporate Adriano takes no chances.

The jury is out on our current Commissioner, Tim Brown. Brown cancelled my birthday game last year, but at other times he wasn’t as decisive.

Tim is mulling the pros and cons of playing tomorrow...

Tim is mulling the pros and cons of playing tomorrow…

So will the headline read Game On, or Rain Fears tomorrow? Only time will tell. And Tim Brown. He will also tell. Probably at 11 a.m. tomorrow.

Lets go Mets and all, but not tomorrow.


*= Since approximately 2010 or something.

Week 1 Previews (Part 1)

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

So this season we’re going to combine the best of Derk&Elly and the best of Sven. D&E gave one GOTW, and Sven pretty much gave detailed recaps of every game. So, we are going to combine the two ideas and give two GOTWs and much shorter previews to every other game. In order to make a GOTW…you gotta earn it with Ws.

No charities here. Win at the courts, Ace Bar and Skee*T*Ball

And here’s the deal. If we mention your name, there is a good chance we are going to poke a little fun at you in a light-hearted way. Unless you’re Alex Eben Meyer, because I just don’t like that guy…though he is a somewhat capable ref in one of the lower divisions. The point is, if something we say offends you, we won’t say it anymore. We want you to like when we write about you. That being said, Derk, Elly and I think most of you are assholes.

We think most of you are assholes, but not this kid. He seems kinda cool. I like his style.

Speaking of assholes, lets get to the first GOTW for 2014! Congratulations Tuques and Anklebiters. The Tuques “won the off-season,” so they get the first GOTW.


Week 16 Preview

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Two Of Hockey’s Greatest Minds?

Happy Little Elves (7-4-1-2) at Fresh Kills (10-3-1)
Location: Tompkins West, 2:00 PM
All-Time Series: Happy Little Elves lead 3-1
Game Notes: The Happy Little Elves and Fresh Kills last met in the quarterfinals of the 2010 playoffs, when a seemingly harmless and unexpected timeout contributed to an Elves overtime victory.  With Fresh Kills holding a one goal lead in the final minutes of regulation, captain David Sokolyansky inexplicably called a timeout, claiming his players needed a breather to weather the Elves’ anticipated final assault.  However, the stoppage in play also allowed the Elves to change personnel and gave their captain Rich Glanzer–one of the premiere tacticians of BTSH–a chance to draw up the perfect play.  As a result, the Elves’ brunette then-rookie Ryan Nakahara poked in the tying goal with less than a minute remaining in regulation.  In overtime, Nakahara’s flaxen-haired linemate and overall good guy Trevor “T-Beau” Beauclair scored the winning goal to send the Elves to the semifinals.  With this comeback win as the backdrop for Sunday’s game, Fresh Kills will be looking to avenge its early exit from the 2010 playoffs, while the Happy Little Elves will look to continue their dominance in this series.
Keys To The Game:
1.  Elves forward Gil Valdes has been red hot lately, scoring five goals in the team’s last three games.  He is second on the team in scoring with 10 goals and tied for ninth in BTSH.
2. After an all-rookie performance in 2010, Fresh Kills goalie Patrick Barch has continued to excel this year, and he is currently third in the league with a 1.58 goals against average.  Consequently, Fresh Kills boasts the league’s second best defense, having allowed just 22 goals this season.
3. Now that Elves goaltender Shaun deLacy has officially lost all of his bets pertaining to his season GAA, it is as if a giant weight has been lifted off his shoulders.  Shaun notes, “It has always been my burden to strive for perfection.  I now realize that is not possible this season, but I am happy to have learned an important lesson in humility and modesty, a lesson I will always treasure.”
Eli’s Pick: No pick.  Eli will be reffing this game.
Derek’s Pick: Fresh Kills.  Even with the Elves’ recent acquisition of Adela Ibric, Fresh Kills will have youth on their side, as Scott Lee remains the youngest player in this game by about a month.
Watchability: 4.5 Ibrics.  This was a great playoff game last year, and both teams enter on winning streaks.


Season Preview: Tuques

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Tuques hockey.

Color: Yellow/Red
Year Founded: 2002
2009 Regular Season Finish: 7-13-0-1 (13th place)
2009 Playoff Result: Lost to Corlears Hookers in first round
Conference: Schumacher
Division: Donohue
Home Arena: Tuques Arena
2009 Leading Scorer: Denis Miciletto, 17 goals
Key Additions: Kevin Prestia (free agency), Kevin Au (Cobra Kai)
Key Losses: Minkus (Poutine Machine), Lisa Harrington (What The Puck)


Full Schedule Released!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Denis Is A Man Of Few Words

We are proud to announce that the full 2010 BTSH schedule has now been posted.  Under the 2010 Schedule tab, you can now find every single game of the upcoming season, including its time and location.

Also, please note two additions to the calendar.  First, the games originally slated for Sunday, August 29 have been moved to Saturday, August 28 (pending league approval).  This Saturday docket would be accompanied by a post-game Pub Crawl in the Tompkins area.  Second, on June 6, Rachel “A-Korn” Greene and Craig “Ug” LaCombe will host a Sega NHL 94 Tourney/Fundraiser to benefit Kelly Buchanan.  Details on that event forthcoming, but you should definitely save the date.