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Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Emeritus Note: Unfortunately, the Week 5 games were postponed due to “rain fears”.  Seven years ago, the Week 5 games suffered the same fate, but Derek and I decided to forge ahead and post box scores anyway.  This post was originally published on May 4, 2009.

Filthy Gorgeous Doubles Up The Unicorns


Filthy Gorgeous 4, Unicorns 2

Filthy Gorgeous: “Gentleman” James Pereira 2 (9), Sunny Mehra (7), Matt Workman (2)
Unicorns: Chris (5), Nelson (2)
Game Notes: Pereira broke a 2-2 tie with seven minutes remaining in regulation.

Cobra Kai 3, Corlears Hookers 2

Cobra Kai: Rem “Canadian Strongman” Garavito (2), Brian “The Flashlight” Morrison (1), Christina “Mojito” Verigan (1)
Corlears Hookers: Gavin “Dutch’s Brother” Kearney (4), Peter “Purple Rain” Putka (4)
Game Notes: Although the Corlears Hookers only had four players including their goalie in attendance, they opted to bench Albert “Al” Huang for the duration of the game.

Happy Little Elves 3, Mighty Squirrels 3 (OT-SO)

Happy Little Elves: Rob Muggeo (5), Demetri Adrahtas (1), Rob “Gnarls” Nitschke (1)
Mighty Squirrels: Jason “Cheek” Cheek (1), Tim “(S)crappy” Gray (1), Andrea “Vegetable Lasagna” Schloeder (1)
Shootout: Tied 1-1. Successful attempts by Jarome “Hornswoggle” Ramos (HLE) and Arthur “Lil Weezy” Revechkis (MSQ).
Game Notes: Gray scored the game-tying goal with one second left in regulation.

Denim Demons 7, Rehabs 5

Denim Demons: Peter “Ski” Oblamski 2 (4), Erik Cortes 2 (3), Molly Jacobs (2), S.B. (1), Adam “Legend Killer” Rubens (1)
Rehabs: Jon “Dinner Plate” Feldman (7), Stacy Kehoe (4), Paul “Ashy Larry” Vernon (4), Sharif “The Chocolate Buzzsaw” Corinaldi (2), Juan “d@ $hoW” Garcia (1)

Mega Touch 0, What The Puck -1

What The Puck: Ant “Father Time” Ventolieri -1 (-1)
Shutout: Roderick “Guy LeDouche” Cruz (2)

Sky Fighters 10, Mexican Standoff 0

Sky Fighters: Martin “Ocho Cinco” Cejka 9 (16), Amy Lott (1)
Shutout: Martin “Ocho Cinco” Cejka (1)
Game Notes: Lott scored the game-winning goal two minutes into the game, with the assist credited to Cejka.

Dark Rainbows 14, Gouging Anklebiters 11

Dark Rainbows: Trevor “White Jesus” Tyrrell 4 (7), John Nielsen 3 (5), P.T. Walkley 2 (3), Josh Wilson 2 (3), Sean Reynolds (3), Dan “Danny Abs” Abdo (1), Jennie Brown (1), Lindsey Foehrenbach (1)
Gouging Anklebiters: Nestor “Marmaduke” Nonato 3 (4), Peter “Geech” Prohaska 2 (3), Charles DeFranco (5), Phil “Sandy” Donohue (3), Eric “El Guapo” DiPierri (2), Amy Kovner (1), Caroline Morrissey-Bickerton (1), Zach “Cryme Tyme” Weiner (1)
Game Notes: Dark Rainbows played the entire game without a goalie. Gouging Anklebiters pulled their goalie, Alex Owen, after he allowed his tenth goal of the day.

LBS, Inc. 35, Tuques 28

LBS, Inc.: “The Alpha Male” Ken Poulin, 30 yard pass from Karsten Pichon (Seth Wachtell kick is good), LBS 7, TUQ 0
Tuques: Bill Monahan, 45 yard field goal, LBS 7, TUQ 3
LBS, Inc.: Seth Wachtell, 23 yard field goal, LBS 10, TUQ 3
Tuques: The Peter Wilson, 85 yard punt return (Bill Monahan kick is blocked), LBS 10, TUQ 9
LBS, Inc.: Sascha Puritz, 1 yard run (Seth Wachtell kick is good), LBS 17, TUQ 9
Tuques: Bill Monahan, 31 yard field goal, LBS 17, TUQ 12
Tuques: Karsten Pichon tackled in end zone by Lisa Harrington for a safety, LBS 17, TUQ 14
Tuques: Alfred Liu, 14 yard pass from David Ladanyi (Bill Monahan kick is good), LBS 17, TUQ 21
LBS, Inc.: Seth Wachtell, 52 yard field goal, LBS 20, TUQ 21
Tuques: Minkus, 102 yard interception return (Bill Monahan kick is good), LBS 20, TUQ 28
LBS, Inc.: Sam Anthony, 8 yard run (Fernando Limonic pass from Karsten Pichon), LBS 28, TUQ 28
LBS, Inc.: Brian “Grandmaster B” Barrett fumble recovery in end zone (Seth Wachtell kick is good), LBS 35, TUQ 28

Mathematics vs. Fresh Kills (Cancelled)

Game Notes: Game cancelled due to “rain fears”.

This is not the picture you want to see tomorrow

Saturday, March 29th, 2014


In BTSH Mr. Met has always* been synonymous with Rain Fears. Legend has it on a beautiful sunny day Dave from the Tuques saw a cloud in the sky and called off his game, and Rain Fears was born.

Since the Modern Era of 2008-present commissioners have dealt with Rain Fears differently. Bob W. often played through hurricanes and floods, because he felt the league was getting too soft.

Commssioners Thoughts:
Bob W. Tough kid…willing to play in the rain, I like him.
Adriano: What the fuck is wrong with this kid? How is he holding his stick? I’m canceling this shit.
Brown: Heyyyyyyy….maybe he can play in the 2013 All-Star Game??

Bratta on the other hand, turned corporate and was worried about you nilly’s suing him.

Corporate Adriano takes no chances.

Corporate Adriano takes no chances.

The jury is out on our current Commissioner, Tim Brown. Brown cancelled my birthday game last year, but at other times he wasn’t as decisive.

Tim is mulling the pros and cons of playing tomorrow...

Tim is mulling the pros and cons of playing tomorrow…

So will the headline read Game On, or Rain Fears tomorrow? Only time will tell. And Tim Brown. He will also tell. Probably at 11 a.m. tomorrow.

Lets go Mets and all, but not tomorrow.


*= Since approximately 2010 or something.

Games Canceled – 8/28/11

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Stand Back! There’s A Hurricane Coming Through

Games scheduled for 8/28/11 have been canceled due to “hurricane fears.”

May 15 Games Canceled Due To “Rain Fears”

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

All games canceled today due to “rain fears.”

August 22 Games Canceled

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Courts are wet…no games today due to “rain fears.”