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This is not the picture you want to see tomorrow

Saturday, March 29th, 2014


In BTSH Mr. Met has always* been synonymous with Rain Fears. Legend has it on a beautiful sunny day Dave from the Tuques saw a cloud in the sky and called off his game, and Rain Fears was born.

Since the Modern Era of 2008-present commissioners have dealt with Rain Fears differently. Bob W. often played through hurricanes and floods, because he felt the league was getting too soft.

Commssioners Thoughts:
Bob W. Tough kid…willing to play in the rain, I like him.
Adriano: What the fuck is wrong with this kid? How is he holding his stick? I’m canceling this shit.
Brown: Heyyyyyyy….maybe he can play in the 2013 All-Star Game??

Bratta on the other hand, turned corporate and was worried about you nilly’s suing him.

Corporate Adriano takes no chances.

Corporate Adriano takes no chances.

The jury is out on our current Commissioner, Tim Brown. Brown cancelled my birthday game last year, but at other times he wasn’t as decisive.

Tim is mulling the pros and cons of playing tomorrow...

Tim is mulling the pros and cons of playing tomorrow…

So will the headline read Game On, or Rain Fears tomorrow? Only time will tell. And Tim Brown. He will also tell. Probably at 11 a.m. tomorrow.

Lets go Mets and all, but not tomorrow.


*= Since approximately 2010 or something.