by Arya Stark

Week one of the survivor pool is in the books and we’ve already got our first elimination as Brady learned the hard way one of the first rules of gambling; bet with your head, not your heart.  And while Mr Caldwell, by all accounts, has a heart of gold, it wasn’t enough to overcome the Riots who took down Mega Touch 2-1 this past week.  Tough break for Brady who will have to go back to his preferred pastime of destroying Glanzer birthdays via savage Facebook comments.

Three people took Cobra Kai and after an early scare when Gut Rot took a 1-0 lead despite rampant inebriation by basically every female on their team (apparently they spent the morning crushing liquor on Rockaway Beach with random strangers before appearing on the courts with literally 20 seconds to spare).  Sadly for this band of ruffians and for the eight other entries hoping for the upset, they were unable to hold off the Cobra Kai who showed no mercy en route to an eventual 4-2 victory.  Also showing no mercy were the Hookers with an 8-0 win over the Rainbows and the Rehabs in pulling out a close 2-0 victory over the Demons.  Jen was so distraught by this loss that she drank herself into a stupor until 12:30 AM; had they won, she would have left the bar by 12:15.

Week 2 of the Survivor Pool will take place this week culminating with the July 16 games.  All Survivors, please submit your picks to by Sunday at 1:00.

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