Chadwick scores “Golden Goal” to win first ever McCarren Park Championship

Every Monday we will be doing the three stars of the week. We’re not sure if the stars will be hockey, bar, or reffing related, but we want to start your week off right.

Unfortunately, because of Rain Fears, BTSH Commissioner Tim Brown decided to cancel fun. However a few renegades risked their lives, and went against The Authority, so we at The Media could give you Monday content. To those heroes, we say thank you.  

So without further ado…we bring you the 3 Stars from the first ever annual, McCarren Park Championship. 

*** Rob Walsh

Elves battle as Walsh and Chadwick fight for the ball, and world domination.

Walsh wins, as Sarah T., tries to inconspicuously drive past in her Elves lime green car in the background.

**Rachel Greene

Rachel dresses in all black in mourning of the promised 2013 All-Star Game that never happened.


Rachel changes into a similar all black outfit, this time for the promised 2014 Opening Day that never happened.

* Ben Chadtrick

This is why I never return Dana’s texts to join the Elves. We just won an amazing championship and instead of celebrating our glorious victory, she is too concerned about Schuey crying. The talent is there Dana…you just need to focus on what BTSH is all about. WINNING!

The champions celebrate their glorious victory. Somewhere Tim Brown is seething that these four heroes, had fun on his watch.


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