Welcome to the BTSH Social Page! Check here for the latest news and info on our big social events as well as to find out the league bar of the week and maybe see some weird pictures. We’ll try to keep it PG-13, but no guarantees.

The luge that launched a thousand one night stands.

The league bar for BTSH Olympics on July 21 is Parkside Lounge, located at 317 E Houston Street. It is a drinking extravaganza not to be missed. Register for events here.

All-Star Game – June 9
Beer Olympics – July 21
Ocean City – August 23-25
BTSH Prom – September 21
End Of Season Party – October 27

Beer Olympics are THIS WEEK, July 21, immediately following the games. There will be pre-game festivities all day so have your liver ready for a beating and consider taking a half-day on Monday. If you want to help out with putting together events, logistics, judging, etc contact Probie or the social committee at btsh.social@gmail.com.

Questions? Comments? Want to help plan a future event or just air your grievances like Frank Costanza? Email btsh.social@gmail.com and let us know your thoughts!