The weather forecast for Sunday looks grim. As of now it says 100% chance of rain. Yikes.
 I spoke to some players, captains, and The Board and as you might expect, there are a lot of varying opinions.
First of all it’s not just about the four teams still left, as people look forward to the end of the year party as much as $h0wT!m3 looks forward to taking inappropriate photos of himself with the PBR Cup. (Please keep the Cup for yourself this year Sena if you win) So some people want to postpone the games on Friday, so they can make plans for Sunday/Monday (meaning they were planning to take off of work Monday bc it would be a rough Sunday night).
I spoke to some of the players and captains on the playoff teams. While some said they would be fine with cancelling the games on Friday, others told me they would be really pissed if it didn’t rain and we cancelled.
The other issue is the week after is the marathon, and I know a few BTSHers are running, and we always try to get the season over before the marathon. In 2014 we had the finals the same day as the marathon and that sucked for many.
So we will treat this like any other week. By 10 – 10:30 a.m. on Sunday we will make a decision.
This is probably a moot point but…
The only two teams to reach out to me about a scrimmage are Instant Karma and Mega Touch. So they will have a scrimmage at 12, and there will be an open scrimmage on the other court from 12-2. If there are too many people at the open scrimmage from 12-1, then Karma/Mega will have to take on players from that scrimmage. Obviously once both semis are done, people are free to scrimmage on the other court during the finals.
If we postpone the schedule might change as we may have to bump the playoff games from 2 and 3:30 to 1 and 2:30 for lighting issues. But that will be discussed later.
The end of the season party will be after the finals. So if the game is postponed, so is the party. We party when we play. 
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