Season Preview: Tuques

Tuques hockey.

Color: Yellow/Red
Year Founded: 2002
2009 Regular Season Finish: 7-13-0-1 (13th place)
2009 Playoff Result: Lost to Corlears Hookers in first round
Conference: Schumacher
Division: Donohue
Home Arena: Tuques Arena
2009 Leading Scorer: Denis Miciletto, 17 goals
Key Additions: Kevin Prestia (free agency), Kevin Au (Cobra Kai)
Key Losses: Minkus (Poutine Machine), Lisa Harrington (What The Puck)

While the Tuques actually regressed slightly in 2009, both in record and overall position in the standings, there were two major positives for the team to build on for 2010.

The first positive was the success of Tuques captain David Ladanyi’s “new superstar initiative”.  Although unveiled with little fanfare, the initiative provided ample playing time for rookies Denis Miciletto, Shafiq “Off Black” Perry, and Adam Robertson, who combined for 33 of the team’s 60 goals.  Pleased with this success, Ladanyi has pledged to continue the initative this season with the addition of Kevin Prestia.

The second positive was the Tuques’ embrace of a committed marketing effort.  The “Tuques hockey.” campaign began slowly, but picked up steam later in the season, and even featured a brief commercial with then starting goalie Minkus.  While Minkus has moved on to Poutine Machine, the “Tuques hockey.” marketing campaign for 2010 is already in full swing.  Miciletto and Prestia have already been featured in a new commercial where Prestia displays his expansive knowledge of his new team.  Other commercials that may be released later in the season include The Peter Wilson explaining the significance of his nickname, Perry discussing the color schemes of the team’s home and away shirts, and a blooper reel set to “Yakety Sax” (made famous by Benny Hill).

Professional Wrestler They Closely Resemble: Drew McIntyre. The embodiment of the new superstar initiative, they are already winning big matchups and will be in the limelight for a while.
Fast Fact: For Lent, Bill Monahan gave up hugging other people, but he caved in on the second day.

Kevin Au
Deep Dutta
Brian Ferry
Jonathan Fidge
Andrea Grande-Capone
Caroline Johnston
Diane Johnston
Dean Keyworth
Amanda Kotler
David Ladanyi (C)
Alfred Liu
Denis Miciletto
Bill Monahan
Shafiq “Off Black” Perry
Kevin Prestia
Adam Robertson
Scott Sampson
Mark Wang
Gabe Wilson
The Peter Wilson

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