These Riots Seem Rather Subdued

Color: Red
Year Founded: 2010
Conference: Schumacher
Division: MacNeil
Home Arena: Tompkins Square Park

Amy Jones formed the Tompkins Square Riots with a team philosophy revolving around laid back Sunday fun and general good times.  She explains the origins of the team’s name:

Our team name commemorates a glorious history of working-class uprisings, punkrockitude, and general mayhem in TSP, spanning over a century.  We see our team, and BTSH as a whole, as contributing to the spirit and vitality of public life in the park, and we do so with the utmost respect for the struggles to preserve an inclusive and egalitarian notion and practice of “the public” that have taken place in the park throughout the city’s history.

League veteran and wild shooter, Bob “Olmec” Weyersberg continues Jones’ thought:

We express our solidarity with the proletariat, the drug addicts, and the proletarian drug addicts.  We also like our name for its reference to the Maurice Richard Riot (our team name was chosen on St. Patrick’s Day, the anniversary of said riot).  The MR riot was a social justice riot for the French Canadians, who at the time were like blacks in pre-Mandela South Africa.   It was not simply a “sports riot”, though Montrealers have been known to overturn cars and set them on fire after first round play-off victories, so… that’s the humor in a serious subject?

Professional Wrestler They Closely Resemble: Cody Rhodes.  A recent split with their former teammates has left these relative newcomers with a chance to prove what they can do on their own.
Fast Fact: Patrik Blohmé considers his greatest athletic achievement to be the time in sixth grade gym class when he kicked a grand slam in kickball.

Jacob Berger
Patrik Blohmé
Shane-o DeBlasio
Alyssa Epstein
Ana Fernandez
Patty Fernandez
Joe Fiore
Nathan Fleisig
Alexandre Frenette
Nicolas Frenette
Dave Gil de Rubio
Jeff Goldberg
Amy Jones (C)
Jaclyn Lee
Mandy Lundstrom
Grant Mason
Alaa Mendili
Eugene Mirman
Myrto Mylopoulos
Karl Ringman
Karen Rosenberg
B.R. Royla
Jessica Selman
Craig Thompson
Scott Townsend
Alicia Walker
Bob “Olmec” Weyersberg
Mathieu Zabatany

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