‘Who cares about a trophy made out of empty beer cans?  I’m all about a keg full of beer.  Give me the Schlitz!’ – James P. of Filthier

We couldn’t agree with you more, Senior Guapo.  Celebrating a championship with a keg of Schlitz beer to fill up and slosh around in solo cups while telling tales of the season’s campaign is much better than an empty cup.  If Filthier ends up losing to Cobra Kai then James just might be sporting Wes’s mug across his chest.

Tompkins Square Riots at Mega Touch
‘Decisions are made by those who show up.’ – West Wing, TV Show

Games are also decided by those that show up.  Last week the Riots were a bit depleted and borrowed spare parts from WTP and Rehabs to face a well-attended Dark Rainbows squad.  Suz’s offensive explosion in the first half kept her team in the hunt, but it wasn’t enough to pull out the W.  If the Riots can get more looters to show up this Sunday then they might be able to force a rematch in Final.

Mega Touch has been pretty damn impressive this season and the three Award Nominations they received prove it(!).  Alex’s move back move to defense, Shelly’s emergence as a future league star and Julie’s leadership have this team trending in the right direction.  They too would like another shot at the Dark Rainbows and a chance to take keg stands from the Schlitz Cup.

Prediction: the Riots take an early lead off of a Kevin Z goal, but Joe outhustles everyone on a breakaway late in the second half to set up an Alok goal that propels Mega to the Schlitz Final.

Gut Rot at Dark Rainbows
No Captain of the Year nomination for Gut Rot as their lighting rod forgot to tell them they still have games to play.  With nothing but pride on the line in this game we’re looking for #akhilnation and Scorgen to step and lead the Rotters charge.

Gut Rot’s Number 1!

The Dark Rainbows this season earned the right be labeled League Sweethearts.  Despite earning a single point and not winning a single game last season the leadership stayed the course while their fan base ‘trusted the process.’  And now they could all be rewarded by getting drunk off of a championship trophy.

Prediction: Diane successfully convinces Greenwald to allow her hunk, Zach, to play for Gut Rot and they pull off the upset over the Dark Rainbows.

Sources say that Brett might be back as the halftime entertainment during the Awards Show.

Schlitz Cup Final
Mega Touch at Dark Rainbows

‘Revenge is a dish best served drunk.’ – A Wise BTSHer

You said it, man!  This is the final Sunday of the 2018 season and what better way to give it a proper farewell than by starting the drinking early.  If these two teams aren’t swapping water for beer during their game then they don’t know the true meaning of Schlitz Cup.

Prediction: the Dark Rainbows have had a magical season, but Mega Touch has Tuckman.  And that’s you need to know for the Final.  Mega wins first ever Schlitz Cup, 3-2.

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